Shah Rukh Khan - The true definition of 'sirf ek banda kaafi hai'

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Shah Rukh Khan birthday

Shah Rukh Khan birthday

2023 is the year of Shah Rukh Khan with Pathaan and Jawan being super hits and Dunki coming soon! And we're not complaining! 

Shah Rukh Khan has wanted to be an action hero ever since he became an actor and he's said this time and again in multiple interviews. But life had other plans for him! As quoted in The Romantics as well, Aditya Chopra told him about his biggest selling point - his eyes and what he could do with them in the romance genre. And DDLJ just became a stepping stone towards SRK's monumental journey of becoming 'the king of romance'. 

It's true that today's generation who is witnessing his magic now on a 70mm screen will remember him as the helicopter riding Pathaan or the various faces of Jawan, which fulfills his wish of being a solid action hero. But every 90s baby who has grown up witnessing the charm of every Rahul or Raj knows that it is only SRK who can teach us a lesson in patriotism with style or have an army of women back him up. If the Rahul's and the Raj's taught us the true meaning of romance which is consensual and respectful love in the era of toxic masculinity, then Aman, Ram, Veer, Mohan, and Kabir taught us the value of sacrifice whether for love, home, or for the country. Azad, Vikram Rathore, and Pathaan, all draw from SRK's legacy stating that his soft boy era characters walked so that his macho action hero could run!

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From being the villain, romance ka badshah to finally being an action hero now, he's truly made his space even in this new era in Bollywood. And he does it all in his unique style by bringing something new to the table! His action heroes get old with age, do need saving, feel the pain, don't work all alone in saving the world from a villain whose logic makes sense, and aren't insecure of strong women around, instead they celebrate them. All of which reflects his essence in these characters and shows us how he is leaving his imprint in them. 

With all his kicks, punches, style, and record-breaking box office numbers, SRK came as a savior at a time when the film industry needed him the most! Jhoome jo pathaan is a zinda banda who was once baazigar and badshah who learned that dil toh pagal hai, he felt the mohabbatein, and became diwale dulhaniyan le jaayenge!

Happy Birthday to this powerhouse whose highest-grossing film Jawan's Extended Cut released today on Netflix! 

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SRK shah rukh khan birthday jawan extended cut