Thoughts I had after watching Pathaan on Prime Video!

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Pathaan On Prime Video

Recently, I watched Pathaan on Prime Video, and other than being the biggest box office blockbuster, there's a lot more to talk about.

The box office numbers of Pathaan are a secret to no one. They announced out loud that SRK aka King Khan is back! But it also meant that Bollywood which had been running in a bit of troubled waters till then also made a comeback. Because as Anurag Kashyap once mentioned in an interview, "When films like Pathaan earn good money at the box office, it makes cash flow in the industry." For two months it had a good run in the theatres and with Pathaan On Prime Video the craze hasn't stopped. Here are some thoughts I had after watching it on Prime Video when all the craziness had died down around it.

Pathaan reminds me of Marvel especially Avengers

Dimple Kapadia's Nandini as Nick Fury, Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan as Captain America, Deepika Padukone's Rubina as Black Widow, and John Abraham's Jim probably as Thanos are probably the best comparisons that I could draw on. Because Pathaan's desh bhakti, Rubina's dark past, and stunts with Jim's ideologically dark side really resonated with Captain America, Black Widow, and Thanos and I love Dimple Kapadia as the leader in this film just like Nick Fury in Marvel movies. Also, the task force (how I wish there was more info about them) and VFX really reminds me of how everything worked in the first Avengers.

Sure, Pathaan is a Shah Rukh Khan show through and through. But oh my God! John Abraham does pure justice to his role!

It was amazing to watch King Khan back in action after almost 4 years in an avatar we haven't seen him in too often. But you can't help but love John Abraham whenever he comes out with that thunderous background score. And his character Jim is not just a villain for the sake of being a villain rather his backstory is full of pain and hurt which makes his ideologies sound sensible and hence he looks scarier. After all, a hero and his win is enjoyable only when his villain is an equal too!

Salman Khan's cameo as Tiger with that scarf entrance is so damn nostalgic

"Desh ka sawal inn bacchon pe nahi chod sakte" is such a sarcastic and apt dig. When that scarf with that known background score comes onto the screen, it was a pure hooting moment. Watching Shah Rukh and Salman together after ages was a realization that this Karan-Arjun Jodi was what we were all missing regardless of whether you like them as actors or not.

It's a single-screen entertaining masala action film

The viral videos that came out from the theatres are totally justified since Pathaan is a celebration of Shah Rukh Khan and typical Bollywood films that we really need to survive amid all the intellectualization! It has action, the right amount of desh bhakti, a dhansu background score, a perfect villain, hero, and heroine, and more than that, a no logical world that is sufficient enough on its own to survive and invite us all in inspite of being predictable.

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Deepika Padukone looks hot as hell but there's so much more to her character!

Deepika Padukone as Rubai is very capable of taking care of herself and knows what she wants. She is neither shown as a woman trying to be a man or an abla nari in need of saving. She's simply a woman trying and existing in a world dominated by men and injustice created in the name of religion and borders. And finding this sweet spot in the mid-between between a cliche and independent woman is what makes her human than just a hot-as-hell heroine doing stunts. And there is a very thin line between an actress looking sexy and hot as a character or she is being sexualized because she is a woman, and thank god Rubai falls in the first category.

There's an awesome connection between Pathaan and Top Gun Maverick and no, it's not about the stunt coordinator!

Yes, I know that the stunt coordinator of Top Gun Maverick and Pathaan is the same, Casey O’Neill. No wonder the stunts are beyond what we've seen on Indian screen before. But that's not the common factor I am talking about! Steven Speilberg was seen thanking Tom Cruise out loud for saving Hollywood as it was also going down with box office collections, in a video from the Oscars luncheon party, as Top Gun Maverick broke records at the box office. This is quite similar to what Shah Rukh Khan has done with Pathaan. And no I am not comparing these films in their filmmaking sense at all but it could be said that they both brought that nostalgia (Tom Cruise back again as Maverick after many years and Shah Rukh back onscreen after 4 years) and a beating heart even though cliche in all their senses yet touching our souls exactly there for what we were craving for!

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Uff, the dialogues, and the music score is probably the highlight of the film with amazing action sequences.

Yes, SRK in Pathaan offers what Vidya Balan referred to as 'entertainment, entertainment, entertainment' but you have to agree that after a long time we had dialogues that could be said out loud after we had watched the film especially after the debacle with Brahmastra. The way Shah Rukh delivers those dialogues in his voice is a lasting effect but the dialogues themselves are pretty amazing, because who wouldn't wolf-whistle to "Party Pathaan ke ghar pe rakho to mehman nawazi ke liye Pathaan to aayega hi aur saath mein pathaake bhi laayega"? And half the charm of Jim lies in his background score which was automatically an announcement that he has come. Of course, the stunt sequences are mind blowing, I mean sure, it's really hard to believe that John Abraham could move two choppers with just his bare hands. But these fight sequences are choreographed well like Rubai saving Pathaan and that motorbike scene and that skate race on the frozen lake!

You cannot ignore the various truthful facts about the film and the questions that it has left us with!

It is agreeable that Pathaan is a highly Bollywood cliche film that uses the politics of religion in the most commercial befitting sense where it doesn't harm anyone nor goes in-depth talking about it rather is just generalizing but could it have been done better, and hence making the film further better? Cause there is scope for improvement! And also if this was not an SRK film would it have exactly earned that many numbers at the box office? Then does this mean that SRK still has the powers many of our youngsters don't have and it was not the film but him? Then does it mean that it's not Bollywood that is back on track but just SRK? Who knows? The answers to each lie in what you believe in!

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Though no matter what I'm truly excited for this universe to unfold because I would love to see how Pathaan shows up in the next Tiger or War or how SRK, Slaman, and Hrithik are going to look with each other. I mean it was high time that Bollywood got its own spy universe!

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