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#LetsKetchup: Even after being really impactful, some underrated characters barely get any attention. We discovered some of them in 2022 who deserve so much more!

Characters are the headliners of the story who make up the soul of it as well because we get attached to the character's journey much more than the story. And while there are many supporting characters or even leads that get their due diligence, there are some characters that even rise above the story that they're a part of. They're not given enough attention, which makes them underrated characters! And some of them leave a lasting impact on you, and it doesn't matter what role they play!

These are some whose dialogues stay with you, whose reality struck a chord with you, those who ended up showing you an entirely new world within an already existing one, and even the ones who added more value to the story just with their presence. Regardless of the role they play in the film and TV show, they teach you a thing or two!

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Like how Prime Minister Maya Rajguru (Dimple Kapadia) from A Thursday as well as Manish (Gyanendra Tripathi) from Ghar Waapsi become the guide and mentor you didn't even know you needed in life. Or how Lakshay (Prit Kamani), Avinash (Vishnu Kaushal), Sameer (Anshuman Malhotra), and Gandhi (Mihir Ahuja) from Feels Like Home and Guru Narayan (Gulshan Devaiah) and Rimjhim Jongkey (Chum Darang) from Badhaai Do break the stereotype and glass ceiling in their own ways about the LGBTQIA+ community and what it means to be a man. Brajesh Bhaan (Amit Sial) from Jamtara and Viraj Singh Dagar (Bobby Deol) from Love Hostel while being the cruelest of men ended up giving representation to those that really exist in the society in the purest form.

Taking the chariot forward are these underrated characters who we think deserved so much more attention than they got for their bravery, mentorship, unapologetically being themselves, and most importantly, without overshadowing the lead, stealing the show, and even becoming the lead sometimes!

Here's what these underrated characters in movies taught us!

Prime Minister Maya Rajguru (Dimple Kapadia) - A Thursday - Teaches you a leadership quality in a woman that women forget most often in order to compete with men!


Viraj Singh Dagar (Bobby Deol) - Love Hostel - Teaches you that you'll often get to meet people on the other side of the fence who believe in a different ideology than yours!


Julia (Shreya Dhanwanthary) - Looop Lapeta - Teaches you that everyone has jitters before marriage irrespective of gender!


Guru Narayan (Gulshan Devaiah) and Rimjhim Jongkey (Chum Darang) - Badhaai Do - Teach that love is love regardless of gender.

Paying guest (Prateik Babbar), Tanay Vidhyadhar Dixit (Neelay Mehendale), and Anuja Dixit (Anjali Sivaraman) - Cobalt Blue- All of them together teach you the subtle art of falling in love with oneself and art!


Siddharth Kumar (Harshvardhan Kapoor) - Thar - Teaches you that being different isn't all that bad!


Rawinder (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub) - Jogi - Teaches you that the importance of friendship goes beyond duty and political terrorism!


Geeta Saini (Neetu Kapoor) - Jugjugg Jeeyo - Teaches you the art of simplicity and still being bold, compromising yet standing up for oneself at the same time!


RK/Mahboob (Rajat Kapoor) - RK/RKay - Teaches you about the art of filmmaking and its challenges!


Dr. Nandini Srivastav (Shefali Shah) - Doctor G - Teaches you that the art of being a doctor is beyond the demarcation of gender!

Janardan "Jana" (Abhishek Banerjee) - Bhediya - Teaches you that sometimes simplicity and humor is the key to winning hearts!


Here's what these underrated characters in these web series taught us!

Brajesh Bhaan (Amit Sial) - Jamtara - Teaches you a lesson in the horrors of the world and showcases the real world of the rural!


Kashaf Quaze (Shriya Pilgaonkar) and Deepak Rana (Varun Mitra) - Guilty Minds - Both of them teach you that the line between a truth and a lie is not all that easily drawn in the tarazu of law!


Lakshay (Prit Kamani), Avinash (Vishnu Kaushal), Sameer (Anshuman Malhotra), and Gandhi (Mihir Ahuja) - Feels Like Home 2 - These boys teach you a lesson in breaking the so-called bro-code and stereotypical male friendships while living together in college!

Purva Awasthi (Aanchal Singh) - Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein - Teaches you how she is not your usual girl in love as she is as dangerous and loving and can go to any length to get what she wants while doing that in a subtle manner!

Maya/Mayo (Samridhi Dewan) - Good Bad Girl - Teaches you the art of manipulation to get successful in life keeping aside the bar of gender as she is also the one who will go to any level to get what she wants!

Lata Solanki (Tilottama Shome) - Delhi Crime 2 - Teaches you the struggle of a woman and how situations can turn anyone into a criminal as crime sees no gender!


Sheel Chaudhary (Sakshi Tanwar) - Mai - Teaches you how far a mother can actually go to get justice for her child without turning herself into a hero!


Darshan (Ajitesh Gupta), Manish (Gyanendra Tripathi), and Suruchi Dwivedi (Anushka Kaushik) - Ghar Waapsi - All of them teach you the subtle art of relationships whether with an age-old friend, with a sibling, or just with yourself!

Nirmal Pathak (Vaibhav Tatwawadi) - Nirmal Pathak ki Ghar Waapsi - Teaches you the importance of home, and family, with a touch of rural!

Daadi (Yamini Das), Damini (Anjana Sukhani), and Sukla Ji (Anandeshwar Dwivedi) - Saas Bahu Aur Aachar Pvt. Ltd. - All of them teach you to practice the subtle art of not judging a book by its cover!

Chinmay (Kumud Mishra) - Tripling Season 3 - Teaches a lesson to the younger generation of giving the same freedom and understanding to parents as they expect out of parents!


Who are your favorite underrated characters of this year? Have we missed out on them? Tell us in the comments below!

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