How TVF and Dice Media nails YA content amidst all the Mismatched's and Crash Course's!

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TVF and Dice Media

Mismatched and Crash Course are shows that have their own charm but no one can make YA content the way TVF and Dice Media does!

YA- Young Adults, a genre of making content that is as difficult as this age is. It's a time that is so confusing and ever-changing because we grow up from being teenagers to adults, and adulting is NOT easy! But given the fact that adulting is becoming difficult day by day with new challenges facing us courtesy of awareness about everything, the genre itself has become so difficult for its target audience to relate to. Most of these shows just touch base, they're all over the place and cover everything. Just like Mismatched season 2 which feels more like an assumption of a generation that wants to represent all by talking about everything that possibly this generation might be dealing with. While that might work well for a casual watch but it doesn't go beyond that. And this is where TVF and Dice Media nail it with their YA content.

From Little Things, What The Folks, Kota Factory, Aspirants, and Please Find Attached to Adulting, Flames, Hostel Daze, Pitchers, Operation MBBS and Tripling, and many more. TVF and Dice Media don't just represent a generation but also its core. There could be various reasons for this but one is definitely basing the series around a single particular concept. Like Kota Factory explores the lives of students inside Kota and focuses only on students, studies, and that struggle, Little Things is only about Dhruv and Kavya who are in a live-in relationship and deal with the struggles of a relationship and living together. Another reason might be the show's relatability factors which come from its in-depth exceptional writing, where something like What The Folks or Tripling become a show enjoyed by the young members as well as the old.

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Each show has its own location and tone decided and adheres to that which is why a show like Panchayat or Ghar Waapsi becomes a national success as it represents a young mind that is confused about its career and emotional attachment to a place. The universality of TVF and Dice Media's shows comes from their confidence in being deeply rooted in its world other than Mismatched or Crash Course or even Eternally Confused and Eager For Love which are shows based inside a particular world but are too desperate to be universal. And in the wake of being universal, they go all over the place and just tick off boxes that work when the show is new or brings in a new concept but quickly becomes redundant if it does not go beyond that.

Mismatched is slowly becoming like Gossip Girl or The Vampire Diaries of Gen Z just like even Never Have I Ever. The idea is to provide people with drama with some representation even though not in-depth. And that isn't necessarily a bad idea as we do need to have some shows that give you a sense of escapism but it doesn't go beyond that. But if we're looking for some amazing young adult content that represents the generation and its various struggles, then TVF and Dice Media dominate, and for good!

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