#BingeRewind: 10 characters we loved to hate in 2023!

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Characters we love to hate

Over the years, viewers have loved to hate characters with twisted and dark minds, their bizarre ways of challenging society’s norms and here’s our 2023 wrap up on the best of villains this year!

There’s no hero without a villain. The ones who make you want to get inside the movie and destroy them yourselves. A conflict would be super disinteresting if a villain did not challenge the protagonist and did not bring out that anger in us too. This year, we’ve had so many negative characters we’ve loved hating and ranting about. Their evil mind, the sheer malice that they exude have been the talk of the town around the world. Movies and TV shows this year truly went all out when it came to portraying characters that were really sick in the head. Some villains had zero remorse for their actions, some were anti-heroes we were appalled by and some just lived to pull down the ones around them!

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So here’s to the ones who phenomenally created havoc on-screen this year! 

Dhanlaxmi - Rocky aur Rani Kii Prem Kahani 

She was a real pain in the bum not just for Rocky and Rani but for us too. Jaya Bachchan totally takes the cake from her own husband, Amitabh Bachchan's character, Yashvardhan Raichand in K3G when it comes to following the ‘parampara’ of the family. She would rather have everyone in her house be unhappy than letting them do what they want and we’ve truly loved hating her for that.

characters we love to hate

Farat Khaala - The Freelancer

Everyone’s idea of religion is subjective and anyone who dictates what or how a religion should be followed is totally someone we should cancel. But unfortunately in The Freelancer, Farat Khaala was anything but canceled, she got to maximum people and brainwashed them into thinking that their way of life and religion is not right.

characters we love to hate

Kumud Mishra - Lust Stories 2

A pervert of the first order and an abuser, Maharaj Suraj was a sinner through and through who got away with all his crimes and we hated the fact that he was never brought to justice.

character we love to hate

David - The Last of Us

Usually the ones who look really calm are capable of creating the most amount of chaos. A cult leader and a cannibal, David truly tops the list when it comes to truly hating someone on-screen. 

Character we love to hate

Anand Swarnakar - Dahaad

Anand was basically living two lives. A family man with kids, who was a respectable teacher and also did social work. Nobody would ever imagine the kind of hate he had for women inside for him to turn a serial killer by night. Villains like him who look like any other ordinary man are scarier than someone who blatantly is a monster from the beginning.

characters we love to hate

JCP Harshvardhan Shroff - Scoop

He basically was the one to frame Jagruti Pathak and put her behind bars for killing another journalist. Earlier, she used to ask him for Scoop on various different cases but Harshvardhan mistook that for something beyond. When she denies his gifts and favors is when he gets agitated and ruins her life.

characters we love to hate

Haji Maqbool and Pathan - Bambai Meri Jaan

The two gangsters rule Bambai and make Ismail’s life miserable as a police officer who is trying to catch these two criminals. Haaji is the mastermind while Pathan is just brute strength. The duo are synonymous to violence and we loved to hate them!

characters we love to hate

Aspirants 2 - Sandeep Bhaiya

While he was a man of morals and had an emotional connection to the laborers as an ALC. In season 2, his arc changed to him being the villain as he never tried to understand where Abhilash is coming from and accused him of corruption in a rush of emotions.

characters we love to hate

 Ranvijay - Animal

Yes, he is the only ‘hero’ who has made it to the list of antagonists, simply because everything about him was repellent. While Ranbir Kapoor has done a fabulous job in portraying a problematic character that we ended up hating him so much in the first place, we still can’t turn a blind eye to the things Ranvijay stands for. 

characters we love to hate

Which of these characters did you love to hate this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Inputs by: Sakshi Sharma

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