#BingeRewind: 10 K-dramas of 2023 that kept us hooked from the first scene till the last!

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K-dramas of 2023

K-dramas of 2023 outdid themselves in portraying real life issues that connected with people worldwide while also keeping that old school romance intact and here are some of our favourites!

K-dramas have excelled in not just romance but many other genres this year. We’ve got some really varied kinds of stories that made it to the number 1 spot not just in Korea but worldwide. For a genre that has a plethora of shows already, it has constantly managed to reinvent itself and offer new premises each year and 2023 was no different in that sense! From a math teacher falling in love with a single mother, a lawyer losing his memory but coming back to take justice, to a victim fighting her bullies and a girl deserted on an island for 15 years getting a new chance at life, many such interesting tropes pulled us into the world of K-dramas and provided us with that much needed escape from reality!

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Good work deserves acknowledgement. Here are some of our favorite K-dramas of 2023!

Crash Course in Romance - Netflix 

In a sea of love stories, this show gave us something so new and refreshing. While also being a rom-com, it portrayed the toxic culture of tuitions and everything moms do to get their kids into the best classes.

Good Bad Mother - Netflix 

A tragic accident leaves an ambitious prosecutor with the mind of a child, forcing him and his mother to embark on a journey to heal their relationship. Lee Do Hyun proves to be an actor par excellence in this show and the story keeps you on the edge throughout.

The Glory Part 2 - Netflix

After the success of Part 1, the second installment brings a satisfying end to the bullies who got what they deserved. 

Castaway Diva - Netflix 

Fifteen years after being stranded on an Island, Seo Mok- Ha finally gets a second chance at life. The love story between her and Jung Ki-Ho is one for the books which makes this one of the most loved K-dramas of the year.

My Demon - Netflix 

Song Kang makes his come back in quintessential K-drama style while being the hottest demon you’ll ever see. 

Daily Dose of Sunshine - Netflix

The show portrays various mental health issues that were probably never even shown on any series before in the most authentic way possible. You also get a very good insight into how mental health facilities function and what the nurses and doctors have to tackle while taking care of patients.

Twinkling Watermelon- Rakuten Viki

Twinkling Watermelon is a heartwarming story about love, family with a dash of time travel. The show uses sign language which is the highlight of the story and helped gain a lot of popularity with the viewers.

Doctor Cha - Netflix

Twenty years after leaving her medical career to be a housewife, Doctor Cha decides to start her practice but is faced with many challenges while doing so. It gives out a really good lesson about the fact that there is no age limit to when you can be independent and start your career!

Mask Girl - Netflix 

A regular office going girl who is insecure about her looks becomes a masked internet personality. Until one day some really weird chain of events start to unfold. The show is thrilling and keeps you guessing with its twists and turns which made it an entertaining watch!

Celebrity - Netflix 

Celebrity is about the influencer world in Korea and the dark side of it. To what extent can someone go to gain fame and power is authentically portrayed on the show!

Which of these was your favorite this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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