Bridgerton recap: Everything you need to know before you dive into season 3!

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Bridgerton recap

A lot went down in the first two seasons and it is not easy to keep up, so we’ve curated a much needed Bridgerton recap before the eagerly awaited season arrives this month!

Dearest followers of Lady Whistledown, the new season of Bridgerton is coming to us sooner than you think. The doors will open to major plot twists, some passionate regency romance and a visually aesthetic magnum opus created by Chris Van Dusen. Penelope and Colin’s love story has been a highly anticipated one and we cannot wait to see how it all unfolds in the most dreamy Bridgerton way possible! For those of you who still aren’t well versed with the show, this is your chance to dive into one of the most romantic on-screen stories to exist. This show is based on best-selling novels by Julia Quinn and follows a noble family called Bridgerton. Each season of the show is based on a Bridgerton sibling. While the Bridgertons are the main focus, there are other families who are looking for love and stirring up scandal as well. It’s been a while since the first two seasons came out and it is fully understandable if some arcs are blurry for you. 

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So here’s your chance to catch up on the first two seasons to dive back into the Bridgerton universe!

Season 1: As mentioned before, the story focuses on the Bridgerton family which is one of the most wealthy families in town. The Bridgerton siblings lost their father 10 years before the story starts. They’re also all named in alphabetical order: Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory and Hyacinth. Season 1 revolves around Daphne, the poised, proper and perfect eldest daughter of the family. Every year, there’s a matchmaking season where youngsters from noble families debut and get their shot at finding love. There are balls hosted by the families but the one hosted by Queen Charlotte is the most extravagant and the most important one. Daphne debuted in season 1 and was named as the ‘diamond of the season’ by Queen Charlotte herself. But she is disappointed when there are no suitors at her doorstep except for Lord Berbrooke. Everyone seems to be rather intimidated by her perfect personality.

Here’s when she meets her brother’s close friend aka The Duke of Hastings. Neither of them have a great first impression on each other. But they strike a deal to fake date in front of everyone so that Daphne attracts more worthy suitors and steers away the creepy ones, and the Duke just wants his aunt Lady Danbury to get off his back about the wedding talk. The two were the perfect enemies to lovers trope. Before they knew it, all the fake love turned into real feelings in no time. They became each other’s best friends and realized a best friend is indeed who they’d want to marry. But post their wedding, marital issues and the Duke’s promise to himself about not having children poses to be a major obstacle for them. From then on, it is a journey of them unlearning and learning things, be it how to communicate better or rekindle the love they have for each other. Amidst all of this, there’s also Daphne’s introduction to sex and intimacy. Her husband teaches her to explore her body and together they have some really passionate love making…and there’s a lot of it!

Meanwhile, there’s also other characters that are pivotal to the story like Penelope Featherington who is best friends with Eloise. Together they are on a mission to unravel Lady Whistledown who is the ‘Gossip Girl’ of the renaissance age. Everyone’s troubled by her openly spilling the tea about the whole town, including the Queen who wants to unveil her identity anyhow. The Featheringtons and Cressida Crowper are the mean girls who’re always trying lowly tricks to find a suitor. Anthony is in love but his love is forbidden by society because his partner is not of noble blood. Benedict explores the world of art and sexuality. Colin is fooled by Marina Thompson who is sponsored by the Featheringtons. She is pregnant but she hides this fact from Colin so he weds her and would eventually have to take responsibility for her and her child. But Penelope comes to his rescue. Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton are the aunties who watch the younger ones navigate love and life in front of them. They also play cupid and knock some sense into them when need be.

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Season 2: Now it is Anthonys turn to find true love. But he looked at marriage more like a transaction than love. This is of course until the Sharmas came to town. Kate and Edwina Sharma make their journey all the way from India to find Edwina the man of her dreams. Kate is her elder sister whose sole responsibility is to get her younger sister married. But just like the first season, this time around, too, life had other plans for Anthony and Kate. The two eldest siblings of their family started off on a bitter note when Kate overhears what Anthony really thinks of women. But as they broke down each other’s walls, they realized how much they have in common. Two people who have been used to taking care of their families, find solace in each other’s care and affection. But Anthony was already betrothed to Edwina, and Kate was torn between choosing her own happiness or her sister’s. 

Meanwhile, Colin comes back home after his travel adventures around the world and while so much of his personality has changed, the one thing about looking at Penelope just as a friend remains constant. Meanwhile, Eloise is recruited by the Queen to find out who Whistledown is but little do any of them know that it is in fact Penelope who has been roaming amongst them in plain sight. This anxiety of getting caught by her own best friend makes her act out of the norm and hence leads to an argument between the two. In season 2, we also get back story into Anthony’s traumatic backstory which is the reason why he is so uptight. How a bee sting took his father from him and forced him to grow up too early.

But love always seeps through the toughest of human beings and Anthony and Kate could not hide their feelings anymore. On the day of the wedding, Edwina comes to know that the two have feelings for each other. She is initially let down and extremely disappointed but eventually pushes her sister to choose herself for once. The season ends with the duo enjoying pure marital bliss and playing pall mall with the entire family.


Now that you’re all caught up with the story so far, counting down days till the new season comes out is the only thing left to do!

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