7 quintessential reasons why we can’t wait for Bridgerton season 3!

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Bridgerton season 3

It’s been quite a long gap since the previous season of Bridgerton came out and time literally couldn’t be slower! Here’s why we’re eagerly awaiting Penelope and Colin to give us an escape from reality!

Bridgerton is one of the most viewed shows on Netflix. Produced by Shondaland and created by Chris Van Dusen, the show is based on a series of best sellers by Julia Quinn. After the first two seasons, it is said to be one of the best adaptations of book to screen. There are so many arcs, subplots, character developments, and most importantly new love stories to melt over every season. In season 1, Daphne and the Duke of Hastings gave us the best enemies-to-lovers trope ever. In season 2, Anthony and Kate followed in their footsteps. But Colin and Penelope’s season is different and special for more reasons than one. Firstly, instead of enemies-to-lovers, they would go from being best friends to lovers and that feels just as exciting. Secondly, Penelope would probably be one of the few plus-size characters to have a full-fledged love story of her own and that’s such a beautiful way of re-igniting faith and hope in women of all shapes and sizes! We can’t wait for the first frame to hit our screens and for Lady Whistledown to narrate ‘Dearest Readers, we have been away for far too long’ in Julie Andrews’ soothing voice.

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And here’s more on why we want the new season to be out ASAP!

A passionate confession of love

Where there’s a Bridgerton, there will always be a long confession of love. Where the two of them are each other’s ‘bane of existence’ or best friends or someone they will move the heavens and the earth for. We literally cannot wait to hear what Colin would have to say to Penelope that’ll make us all swoon over them!

The costumes

Costumes are such a pivotal part of Bridgerton’s storytelling. While we are mesmerized by the dreamy dresses they wear, if you look closely there’s always something in their outfits that points out hints about the character's current state of mind.

Another Bridgerton finding the love of their life

As mentioned earlier, Bridgerton is a series based on books written by Julia Quinn and she has written the story in a way where each book is dedicated to the love story of a Bridgerton sibling. So it goes without saying that after Daphne and Anthony, it’s now Colin’s turn to fall deeply in love and have his happily ever after!

Classical covers of pop songs

One of the most popular things Bridgerton is known for is that it gives a classical twist to some of the most famous pop songs we know. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’s title track, Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams, Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball, Maroon 5’s Girls Like You and Billie Elish’s Bad Guy were all a part of the Bridgerton universe, and yes, when the songs started, all of us have that ‘oh I’ve heard this song’ moment. It gives Bridgerton a good balance of vintage and modern-day romance.

Easter eggs to the future storylines

Season 1 ended with a Bee showing up in the last episode, foreshadowing Anthony’s back story for season 2. A lot from the preview and first still from season 3 has fans decoding further easter eggs like what a picture of Penelope with open hair means or what the Queen’s wigs stand for, and it further also foreshadows Francesca’s storyline as well. 

New characters

So far, we’ve always seen new characters join the show every season. Edwina and Kate Sharma were the new additions the previous season and this season we would possibly see new suitors for Francesca and even Eloise.

kate and edwina

Lastly, we all know what we really anticipate in the new season!

Season 3 has biiiig shoes to fill when it comes to the intimate scenes because the first two seasons had our jaws on the floor and butterflies in our stomachs. Behind-the-scenes stories say that a certain piece of furniture was broken during filming and now we simply can’t wait to see what that was all about!


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