8 pet animals from films and shows we'd want as pets IRL

Sakshi Sharma
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pet animals

pet animals

Wouldn't it be a delight if Hedwig or Snowbell could be our real-life pets? These pet animals from films and shows are way too adorable to just exist as fictional characters.

Anyone who has ever had a pet at home knows how much they become a part of the family. No wonder when we see films from the perspective of an animal, whether it is Pluto narrating the story of everyone's lives or Stuart Little talking about their life within a family, it feels right. But watching animated films about animals like in Finding Nemo, Ice Age, Kung Fu Panda, Happy Feet, and more makes us wish for these animals to exist in reality as our pets. They have changed our entire outlook on which animals we could have as pets because, trust me, if I ever wanted to have an owl or bear as a pet, it was because I fell in love with Hedwig and Paddington!

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Here are some pets we've loved in films!

Hatchi- Hatchi: A Dog's Tale 

If there ever were a test of loyalty then Hachi would pass with flying colors. And who wouldn't want to have a dog who waits for you even after you have passed away! 

Hedwig - Harry Potter 

Who would have actually thought of owning an owl as a pet before we all saw Harry with a white owl with those big, beautiful eyes that were faithful to Harry even during his own death? 

Paddington- Paddington  

A bear as a pet of a family is hardly imaginable, but if the bear is as sweet as Paddington, who is lost and just looking for a home to belong, then why not? 

Remy- Ratatouille

A rat as a pet is a rare sight in India because if a rat is found inside a house, the entire family goes upside down. But who wouldn't want Remy as their pet, especially if one can cook such delicious meals? 

Marcel- Friends 

Monkeys are considered to be gods in India so having them as pets isn't unimaginable but they are also troublesome creatures who steal and run away. But who wouldn't want Marcel to be their pet? 

Scooby Doo- Scooby Doo 

Okay, whoever watched Scooby Doo while growing up, let's all agree that we all had a fake dog named Scooby in our childhood with whom we went on adventures because, at the end of the day, we really wanted Scooby as our pet! 

Snow Bell- Stuart Little 

Cats are very in their own mood sort of creature; hence their depiction onscreen has always been like that. But who wouldn't want the goofball Snowbell, who, even though wanted to eat Stuart and was mean to him, can't help but protect him throughout? 

Dragons- GoT/HoD

Okay, having dragons as your pet is asking for too much, and no one ever wanted one after Jurrasic Park. But all of that changed after the three dragons of Game of Thrones and the many dragons of House of Dragons; you'd just need to be a Tagaryen

Which pet animal would you want to have as your pet in real life? Tell us in the comments below! 

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