5 on-screen doctors who are as enigmatic as they are insightful!

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Whether it's House, M.D. or Grey’s Anatomy, these medical dramas are elevated by these eccentric doctors who have the magical power to heal us via their characters.

Being a doctor is one of the most reputed and honorary professions, but it is also gruelling and intense. And unlike fictional superheroes, these heroes dedicate their lives to saving lives. Set inside a hospital, the fierce, fast-paced lives of doctors dealing with one crisis after the other including life-and-death scenarios almost regularly makes for an exhilarating watch and explores compelling storylines. It's no wonder that medical dramas as a genre are so wildly popular! Where else would you get to witness such a thrilling life that largely depends on giving some hope to people?

Apart from dealing with emergencies, these dramas also delve into some struggles of the world of medicine and the personal lives of these doctors. Interactions with patients and colleagues reveal their deeper struggles and vulnerabilities while their constant tussle with societal issues connected to medicine, such as insurance coverage, experimental treatments, and resource allocation, spills out the dark side of this noble profession. Examining these on-screen doctors in both personal and professional capacities, in a hospital environment, has made these doctors more relatable as human beings.

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Check out these relatable on-screen doctors!

Dr. Gregory House -  House, M.D.

House, M.D. was quite popular and this series gave us one of the most iconic doctors of all time, Gregory House. Unlike most doctors, he isn't a superhero healing the world one patient at a time; rather, he is an amoralistic, mad genius who creatively solves weird issues but also suffers from addiction, chronic pain, and trauma and practices tough love as a teaching method. 

Shaun Murphy - The Good Doctor 

A doctor on the autism spectrum, Shaun Murphy's unique condition makes him a genius doctor who can solve the toughest of issues but also provide an empathetic perspective that is otherwise missing in this mechanical and practical profession. 

Miranda Bailey - Grey's Anatomy 

Considered an iconic medical drama that ran popularly for nineteen seasons, Grey's Anatomy gave us one too many doctors to cherish. However, Miranda Bailey, with her snarky and no-nonsense attitude, shows us how doctors can be emotional and detached simultaneously as she maintains discipline while still showing a deep level of compassion for her patients and colleagues.

Conrad Hawkins - The Resident 

Conrad Hawkins is one of those rare, honest, but rebellious doctors who, while staying within the system, wants to change it and fight to remove the limitations and corruption of corporation-owned hospitals to make healthcare accessible for everyone. 

Dr Kaushik and Dr Chitra Das - Mumbai Diaries 

One of the few medical dramas in our country that delves deep into the medical profession, Mumbai Diaries gave us doctors like Kaushik and Das. The genius Dr. Kaushik only believes in treating patients without caring whether they are police officers or terrorists. But even formidable doctors like him can suffer from self-doubt. 

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