6 medical K-dramas that help you heal and escape reality!

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Medical K-dramas

Delve into the intricate world of doctors and the myriad layers they navigate through with these medical dramas!

Medical K-dramas have made their way into being one of the most popular K-drama genres amongst the viewers. This is because they offer us edge of the seat thrillers where we literally see characters fighting life and death situations but then they're also beautifully woven together with relationships and love that feels like soup for the soul. In real life, we might not understand a lot of medical terms that doctors use in their daily life, but these K-dramas prove to be a great medium to learn that through entertainment. In many of the medical K-dramas, you see the term and its meaning written at the corner of the frame so it is easier for us to follow when an intense surgical scene is taking place. One of the major highlights of these series is that it helps us see the human behind the doctor. How they give it their all to save lives, and during unfortunate times how it can take a toll on their mental health, how they also have a life of their own, how they love having fun with their friends and family as well. It is just a blend of all of this and more that makes medical dramas healing in a way and become content that we’d particularly love to curl up in bed and watch on a rainy day.

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Here are some that you can add to your binge-list!

Hospital Playlist 1 and 2- Netflix

The two seasons of Hospital Playlist is by far the most wholesome and the most popular K-drama in this genre. It is the story of five doctors who work at Yulje Medical Center but also go way back as they have been friends since their undergrad. The five of them share a common love for music and also work at the hospital. The show beautifully balances intense scenes at their workplace and the laughter and joy that their personal lives bring as well.

Dr. Romantic- Disney+Hotstar

They are saving lives and they’re also falling in love. The show is a good blend of the best of both genres. Many call it the Korean version of Grey’s Anatomy, due to its graphic scenes during surgeries and the complicated terms used in the show.

Dr. Cha- Netflix

Twenty years after leaving her medical career to be a housewife, Doctor Cha decides to re-start her practice but is faced with many challenges while doing so. How she unlearns and learns everything about being a doctor from scratch is inspirational to say the least.

Doctor Stranger- Netflix

The title is called ‘Doctor Stranger’ because the protagonist’s journey truly is an unusual one. As a child, Park Hoon is captured with his father and forced to live in North Korea. Though he becomes a gifted medical student, he flees to South Korea when his lover is captured and his father dies. It is a medical ‘drama’ in every sense possible.

Doctors- Rakuten Viki

Doctors revolves around the life of Yoo Hye-Jung, a skilled neurosurgeon. Over the course of the 16 episodes, we see her go from a high school student to her breakthrough in the medical world. Along with fighting her personal obstacles, she also speaks out for all the injustice happening in the world of medicine. 

Daily Dose of Sunshine- Netflix

We’ve had a plethora of portrayals when it comes to doctors and hospitals that treat physically sick people. Daily Dose of Sunshine is the first to give us major insight into how a psychiatric ward works relentlessly day and night. The obstacles these doctors and nurses have to face while taking care of mentally ill patients and how they do that while drawing a boundary so they don't get attached makes this a tear jerker of a story.

Which of these would you definitely binge-watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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