#BingeRecommends: If you still haven't watched The Elephant Whisperers on Netflix, here's why you need to watch it!

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The Elephant Whisperers on Netflix

The Elephant Whisperers on Netflix created history by winning an Oscar but if you need more reasons to watch this film then read on ahead!

You might have been living under a rock if you don't know about The Elephant Whisperers winning an oscar. And what more than an academy award a film needs to do to be watched by everyone, not that the west is the benchmark for everything still it's a pretty massive thing to win an Oscar. But if you need more reasons to watch The Elephant Whisperers on Netflix here is why you shouldn't miss out on this one at all!

First of all, it's just a 30-minute film about climate change and how it's affecting all of us without us quite realizing it. And if the pandemic and many films on climate change have taught us anything, it's that this is a problem that we need to address. And that doesn't just apply to people working in the system but also every single one of us needs to make changes in our personal consumption. And The Elephant Whisperers, in a short span of time, will make you go through all the emotions and force you to think about how we've all been responsible equally.

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L.O.V.E is the most beautiful thing in the world only if we embrace it with open arms and Bomman and Bellie with Raghu and Ammukutty are the perfect example of a family that experiences, love, loss, letting go, and growing up together. Raghu is an orphan elephant who's found in a terrible state with his mother dead and is taken into care quickly in Mudumalai National Park in the state of Tamil Nadu. This is where he meets his lovely companion Bomman, who in turn needs Bellie's help to take care of him. He is a playful child who brings Bomman and Bellie closer together while healing from his near-to-death wounds. The most amazing fact is how it's not just the couple who takes care of and changes Radghu's life for good; he ends up doing the same for them as he helps Bellie through her grief of losing her family.

Things get more exciting and cheerful when Bomman marries Bellie and they take another orphan elephant, Ammakutty under their care. That's when the four of them become a happy family. But this doesn't last long because Raghu is growing up fast and needs to move on to a different place so he can grow properly hence he has to part ways. This is a heart-wrenching moment that just makes you cry your eyes out because letting go of a child who has grown up in your care is never easy. After all, parents are never taught the art of letting go. Raghu never forgets Bomman, Bellie, and Ammakutty though.

With a breathtaking peaceful backdrop of the national park where greens are greener than ever and stars shine the brightest at night for grandma to tell stories, the connection of the tribals with the forest is of utmost respect. But the film never forgets what its mission is, which is why, when they end up finding these orphan elephants amidst these peaceful setups of flowing brooks, it makes your heartache.

if you are from a film background then you know a documentary film is hard to make because it's real and a maximum of it gets to be made on the edit table. Kartiki Gonsalves with her entire team has done a tremendous job where the camera is invisible enough, and the background music and edit take you on a journey that this half-hour-short documentary never feels like a film. The Elephant Whisperers, produced by Guneet Monga needs to be read as a chapter that is invisible to most of us. Don't miss out on this beautiful soup for the soul film that is currently streaming on Netflix!

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