Anupriya Kapur, mom on the run, is the perfect person for us to celebrate Mother’s Day with, as she inspires a lot of us through her amazing journey of postpartum depression, single parenting and blogging with kid and becoming and entrepreneur.

We recently had an interesting chat with fitness influencer, blogger, and entrepreneur, Anupriya Kapur. Her journey as a single mom, her brave approach towards life and her drive to enlighten others about fitness and lifestyle while giving them a peek into her own, makes her an inspiration to many. With it being Mother’s Day today, here’s our recent interaction with her. Read on as Anupriya Kapur shares her insights into content creation, her equation with her son, why she believes it is important to educate women about their bodies and the importance of hygiene and a lot more.

Here’s how our conversation with Anupriya Kapur went…

How are you handling the quarantine situation?

“I self-quarantined myself since March 15, it’s been quite a long time. Like everyone some of my days are filled with positivity and some are absolutely crap. There are days when I wake up looking at the ceiling for hours and finally getting out of the bed in the afternoon. There are other days where I’m very productive and I am able to pull it off. So, it’s the same story everywhere.”

How are you working from home?

“So, for my startup, I’ve anyway worked from home. I’m actually enjoying this period for my blog because it has challenged me to use my tripod and gimble which was kept nicely in the cupboard. I actually have been creating more content regularly since I have been home. I do take the directions from the videographer, talk to him, discuss the content ideas and we’ve been producing content every single day. It’s way more than my usual day because I am way more busy then with my meetings and everything. I also started TikTok.”


Looking back, where did it all begin for you?

“So, I actually wanted to blog from the day my son was born which is 12 years back. At that time, I did give it a try. I did write a few articles. However, I was told that it’s useless to do it, nobody’s doing it and it is just a waste of time. Then, I also went through post-partum depression and I used running to help me get out of it. I started running marathons ad that led to the beginning of “Mom on the run”. Running helped me and saved me. It also made me realize that I can share this information with the world. The time I started my blog, Instagram wasn’t too big and it was just starting out. Blogs were something people liked to read. We were already shifting to listicle articles but people were still reading. I wanted to motivate people with my running journey so that people get motivated start running themselves. The articles were purely to pursue people to get physically active.”

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Please read ? So apparently Kabir and I aren’t a “complete family”. Even if you add my dad and two cats. Still not. Not as per one of the brands that approached me recently. Why? Because I ain’t got no man in the house. Now, I consider myself fairly evolved and out and about, meeting the right people who say all the right things and I thought I was above the petty remarks that most single mothers get. But this one got through. And it really hurt and don’t get me wrong it’s not about losing the campaign whatsoever. To think that if a marketing/brand manager of an evolved brand happens to believe this only means that there are tons of people out there who also believe this. And I send out Kabir in that world everyday. It is one of those moments where you get the hope knocked out of you. There’s nothing more devastating than losing hope. And if I can begin to lose hope, imagine the single mothers in different stratas, in smaller towns, in abusive families, in patriarchal societies, in their parents’ homes. What hope do they have? It also made me realise the illusion of social media. For all its good, it can embarrass people into doing the right thing but can it truly change behaviour, beliefs and conditioning?

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How would you address someone on how to get prepared for it or maybe overcome it?

“Depression is something that is very difficult to understand. For someone who hasn’t gone through it. To that person it might look like the victim is seeking attention and I don’t blame them because you really can’t understand what these psychological issues without experiencing them. The only way to prepare yourself specifically for post-partum depression is reach out to people who care about you genuinely. If you’re a new mother, you’ve everyone piling onto you, giving you advice, everyone cases about the baby and no one asks the mother how they are. So, in order to protect yourself, you have to eat well and it’s very tough during this time. The other one is reaching out for help. You can reach out to a therapist if you think your family is not helping. Don’t stigmatize it in your own head.”

How was your experience dealing with it?

“It might sound very preachy but I would like to tell all the women to get engaged in a sports or a physical activity. That is the only thing that’ll give you confidence. When you’re working out or doing some psychical activity, something inside your body changes, it makes you happy and it changes your life accordingly. So once you do it you can do so many things.”

One instance or experience in your life that made it worthwhile?

“When I started my blog, I thought people are not going to read it or explore it. I started getting a lot of messages from women saying they were also suicidal or were thinking how to figure this out. After reading the blog, they started to run or my blog really inspired them. So, every single message that I get every day keeps me going. I cannot be down for too long because whenever people say that I helped them handle their separation better or say that they can also handle the society the way I do or anything close that’s enough for me.”

Your mantra to manage your work and motherhood?

“Initially, it was really took because I took it all upon myself and that I was a really stupid move because nobody can do it. So one, give up on perfection and the other was to lean on towards people who really care about you. So in my case, it’s my dad who I can lean for anything and everything. When you take help, make sure you’re able to give back as well. Don’t take it for granted.”


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How involved is your son in your career?

“Earlier he used to give me a lot of ideas and would be enthusiastically involved but now that he’s almost a teenager, he’s become “cool”. Now he is getting into the age where he doesn’t want to be involved too much in my work and he has asked me quite a few times to work like normal people. I seek help from him to record for the start-up sometimes. But he gives me fantastic ideas.”

What is your tip as a mother who is a content creator/blogger to other budding mom bloggers?

“To other content creators, I’d say, be authentic, be true to yourself, and be real. Do not think you’re superior than other content creators and always stay grounded. Treat people with respect. For mothers who can utilize this time can do a lot of things because with motherhood comes a lot of knowledge and every day is a journey. Share your journey.”

How did you come to be the co-founder of Imbue Natural and why is it so important for you?

“The co-founder of Imbue is actually used to head Sales of Colorbar and he was looking for somebody who is passionate about the subject of intimate hygiene or products. I used the products and realize they offer a solution rather than make you feel fresh. So I fell in love with the products and it was a natural thing for me. I found a platform where I can talk about women anatomy, what women go through, about their bodies etc. I just grabbed the opportunity of having all the topics possible under the sun about women. It will have a community where women can discuss orgasms, why their vagina looks a certain way it does etc. It was somehow great and it did work.”

What is the response of people when you talk about such intimate topics?

“Amazing! It has people who want to talk about it but do not have a platform. They say that they feel judged by the gynecologists so they don’t find a space where they can actually ask a question and here we are trying to provide that space and also trying to normalize topics that people don’t talk about. A lot of women do not know the basics of intimate health or even the parts of it. It becomes really essential to inform them about your own anatomy. The response has been amazing.”

Here’s how Anupriya Kapur responded to our 20 quick questions:

One thing you do when you enter home?

“I call out to my son and my cats.”

What non-work-related thing do you like the most?

“Working out”

Your favourite influencer?

“I am very inspired by these Tiktok stars like ZatKing and Jeremy. I don’t want to say anything but I like Beyounick.”

What are you watching these days?

“Nothing as of now. When I’m really low, I watch movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.”

Three things about you that no one knows?

“I am 38 and I binged watched ‘Gossip Girls’ this year. Second is my son is a half-Bengali. The third is that people think I’m very disciplined but I’m not.”

Your best collaboration to date?

“Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns.”

The worst collaboration that you’ve ever received?

“Adult diapers, baby rash creams, bottle feeding.”

Gymming or running?


Intagram challenge or TikTok Trend?

“TikTok trend”

Chai or coffee?


Western wear or Indian wear?


Mountains or beaches?

“A hill overlooking a beach.”

Your ideal holiday would be?

“Where I am not bothered whether my son has studied or not or eaten or not. Whether laundry has been done or not. Potatoes should be cooked for dinner or not. Where I don’t hear all of this.”

One learning from your parents that you follow?

“You can constantly evolve in life regardless of your age.”

Anything that you follow in your parenthood journey?

“Just being physically active and also keep evolving.”

Your favourite activity with your son?

“Playing with our cats.”

What is your favourite movie quote?

“Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte, Prem” from Maine Pyaar Kiya and “After all this time? Always” from the Harry Potter series.

What is that one thing you’re afraid of?


What challenges you?

“To try water sports.”

One thing you love about blogging and one thing you don’t?

“I love the fact that through blogging you can reach out to people, express yourself, can inspire people and have an outlet to make a change. What I don’t like about it is what it demands out of you and the consistency that takes a toll on you and burns you out. There are times when you completely have a block but people do not have the patience to give you the leverage that you too can be burnt out sometimes.”

The future you foresee for your personal brand?

“I just see one thing that I tell myself to keep evolving with time because that’s the only way to be in the current world. If you don’t evolve you won’t be able to survive. As I get older, I’d like to create more meaningful stuff. I try to balance it now and I see myself moving to more meaningful stuff going forward.”

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