This drunk Bollywood playlist will lift your 'spirits'

Smrithi Mohan
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drunk Bollywood playlist

This wait to get drunk with our friends is tequila-ing us wine day at a time. Check out this list of drunk Bollywood playlist to keep you going.

Guess it has been a long time for most of us to get drunk all night with our friends. Its been so long that we miss doing stupid stuff with our friends and unleashing the inner drunkard who actually belongs to a completely different universe. An the one thing that we all enjoy when drunk is listening to and dancing to all kinds of Bollywood songs. We all have our own songs that we love to dance on when drunk. Since we won't be getting enough alcohol to get us boozed out, we have made a drunk Bollywood playlist that will give you all the feels you need right now.

Take a look at this drunk Bollywood playlist:

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