Soured: People share the funniest drunk things they've done while being wasted

Smrithi Mohan
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Since we're missing all the bottoms-up, shots, chaknas finished even before the beat drops and the deadly hangovers the next day, we have made a list of some of the funniest drunk things people have done while wasted.

People always want to get wild and do all kinds of crazy stuff. And when speaking of crazy it's not the sober mind but the drunk one that pushes the people to go for it. Seriously, what is the point of getting drunk if you don't have a hilarious story to share, right? We all must have heard and laughed at the wildest drunk stories, courtesy of all the whiskeys and rums in the world. It's funnier because the sober mind has no idea of the stories and the hungover one can't believe it happened. No matter how bad or crazy the drunk expedition ends, we all are always in to relive those moments. So, as we miss chugging our beers and pounding on shots, we have listed some of the funniest drunk things that people have done while drunk that we came across on the net.

Take a look:

Set an alarm or tried to call a friend on the calculator

Finding the world's most weird tattoo on one's self that one has no knowledge of the next day

Crying over the stupidest thing

Trying to open a can with a hammer and screwdriver, because you forgot how to actually open it

Slept in the strangest place, to only wake up wondering how you ended up there

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Brought one questionable thing or 10 online

Burnt food while trying to heat some after getting home sloshed from a party

Renamed every contact on the phone with their spirit animal

Had a conversation with their own reflection in the mirror

Which are the funniest drunk things you've done or witnessed? Tell us in the comments below.

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