Old Monk knows you inside out but do you know all about it?

Mrinil Mathur
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Old Monk

Drinking Old Monk is like getting a warm hug from an old friend. Some of you don't know how that feels and it shows. Well, here's your chance to know a lot more about India's favourite rum.!

Reason or no Reason, Old Monk has been that friend who is always with you. From celebration to sadness, from winter to summer, from festivities to travel, many of us found comforting company in this 'Monk'.




This homegrown dark spirit has been ruling our palates and markets, and we cannot thank the Late Kapil Mohan enough for bringing the bittersweet flavoured affordable drink into our lives. Any discussion on rum is incomplete without the mention of this legendary rum brand.

The XXX seven years vatted is the most popular variant. The square-shaped glass tinted bottle is a staple at every bar in the country and is a happy sight at every at-home bar.


But do you know there are more aged versions? Only a true taster and loyal fans of the brand would be able to find the difference between a 7-years-vatted and the aged longer variants. Yes, there is more than just the difference in the design of the bottles.

The 'very old vatted - The Legend' version of Old Monk comes in the shape of the old monk’s face and has a different level of craze amongst the true hardcore drinkers.


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The Supreme version is aged for 12 years and comes in a special bottle, in the shape of a standing monk and the monk’s head is the bottle cap, that can also be used as a peg measure.


While the iconic dark red spirit has a special place in our hearts, last Diwali, Old Monk decided to add some colours and flavours to our lives. ‘The Connoisseur Collection’ has some very interesting flavours like Lemon Rum, Orange Rum, White Rum, Apple Rum, and some young flavours like Cranberry, Mojito, and Cola.

The cola, cranberry and mojito flavours, contain slightly lower alcohol content than the regular one that will help us move away from the Breezers and other sugary drinks.

This new collection of flavoured rum is currently available only in Karnataka, Pune and Mumbai.



So next time when you are at the bar counter, you will know exactly what you should be ordering for!

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