Bookworms unite: 11 virtual book clubs to boost your reading discipline in 2024

Karishma Jangid
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Bookworms unite: 11 virtual book clubs to boost your reading discipline in 2024

Struggling to complete your to-read list? Wish to discover new books? Want to bond with fellow bibliophiles? You can get it all at a book club. Here are some recommendations.

"7 books read out of 25," says my Goodreads reading challenge of 2023. I know! I'm embarrassed and want to hide in the deepest corners of the earth! My 'to-be-read' pile gets higher every passing year but my 'finished reading' section? Slow as a turtle. However, I'm sure I'm not the only one facing this crisis. Let's be real, most bookworms are good at collecting books rather than reading them. Every year, we promise ourselves that we will read more, but life (read: Instagram Reels and OTT shows) comes in the way. But hey! The best thing about a new year is that you can start afresh. Let's do it again? How about joining a book club this time? 

Think about it! Book clubs recommend books from various genres and also give you a gentle deadline to keep your reading on track. They give you a community that understands your love for reading and your inability to read enough. I know what you're thinking - traditional offline book clubs might be charming, but who has the luxury of time to attend them? Fret not! It's the digital age and there are book clubs that meet both online and offline. So, here's a compiled a list of online book clubs that offer diverse reading recommendations, a bibliophile community, and an opportunity to get your reading on track!

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Check them out!

Reese's Book Club

Oprah's Book Club 

Sonali's Book Club

Kitabe Club

The Sanskaari Girls Book Club

Bring Your Own Book Club

Radhakrishnan Book Club

Read With Us

We Are Booked 

The Read Along Community

Which book club are you joining? Tell us in the comments below!

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