Taco Bell, Zara, Bath and Body Works –all of us were ecstatic when these amazing brands entered India. But another effect that it had was that it left us wanting for more! There is so much more in the world of products and brands and we want it all!

Did you know there’s a place in New York called Bona Bona Smorgasburg that serves ice-cream that is piped with Italian meringue and torched like s’mores? Or that Peugeot Django Heritage 150, an awesome retro scooter hasn’t made its entry? Unfortunately we still don’t have access to a lot of such brands.

We made a list of brands that aren’t in India but need to be so we loosen our pockets on things that will satisfy our hearts!

1. Ben & Jerry’s: It is a world renowned ice-cream brand that serves a wide range of flavors, frozen yoghurts and sorbets.

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2. Cap’n Crunch: It is a famous cereal brand that has been featured many movies and shows but yet has to set foot in India.

3. Fenty: Fenty is a cosmetics brand by the sensational pop icon, Rihanna and is said to have premium quality products.

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4. Pottery Barn: There was a reason why Rachel and Ross were crazy about this US based décor store, and we surely need it here to brighten up our indoors!

5. Best Buy: Are you a fan of Big Bazaar, and does roaming around the aisles feel weirdly satisfying? Well, wait until you step into Best Buy!

6. Primark: It is an Irish clothing and accessories brand that is the ultimate place to go to for fashion lovers. FYI Harry Potter fans –Primark also sells Ron and Harry’s jumpers, exactly like the ones from the first movie.

7. Tim Hortons: It is a Canadian fast food restaurant chain that is very sought after. Its donuts and coffee are something people go crazy for; it is present in 14 countries as of now, we wonder when will India see its face.

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Deck the halls with Double Doubles ??

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8. Chipotle Mexican Grill: Who doesn’t love good, scrumptious tacos, and delicious burritos? We’re surely ready for this Mexican fast food giant to come to India.

9. H&M Home Décor: While the clothing line of this popular brand is running very successfully in India, very few know that it also has a décor section that we still don’t have access to.

10. Panda Express: What is the one weakness that is common to all Indians? Chinese food! Panda Express serves mouth watering American Chinese food that we want to hog so badly!

Don’t these brands make you wanna take a trip abroad just to visit their stores? Imagine saving all that trip money and having them right here! We hope that happens sooner than soon!