Inspired by the story of a real runner, Brittany O’Neill, Brittany Runs a Marathon feels nothing less than my story! And if you’re unlearning shame and unpacking emotional baggage, then it’s your story too!

While transformation videos look so appealing, putting in the work feels extremely hard because it requires you to show up for yourself every single day! And that’s a lot of work when you struggle with low self-esteem. Brittany Runs a Marathon is for anyone who doesn’t live by the book and struggles with ‘finding yourself’.

Cast – Jillian Bell plays the role of Brittany, and she’s done a spectacular job of capturing each of her uncomfortable emotions throughout the film. Michaela Watkins plays Catherine, Brittany’s neighbor, and running friend, and Utkarsh Ambudkar plays Jern, her co-worker and boyfriend.

Storyline – A 28-year-old binge-drinking, picking up guys who make her feel like shit about herself, constantly missing the train, using humor as a defense in uncomfortable situations, Brittany approaches a GP in an attempt to get a prescription for Adderall! Instead, she is forced to confront her lifestyle choices that don’t seem to be helping her in the least. In an attempt to turn her life around, Brittany takes to running, and along the way she comes face to face with uncomfortable feelings that she didn’t know she was suppressing about her fatphobia, refusing to accept help from those who care, her struggle with self-worth and insecurities that were caused by bad relationships.

Watch the trailer here!

What I liked – This dramedy brings you face to face with so many of the big emotions that you usually keep wrapped up in a tiny bag in your closet! There are tons of layers to this one and you don’t quite realize it when they’re being peeled off one by one. Brittany’s journey would be incomplete without healing and forgiveness and that’s what makes this movie so much more than a simple comedy about fitness and weight loss. People grow with time and this movie showcases that so well!

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