How I met your Father; another tale of finding 'The One' with a new perspective

Mrinil Mathur
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How I Met Your Father

Spin-off show of How I Met Your Mother, How I Met Your Father is now airing on Hulu and Disney + Hotstar in India. It is yet another tale of finding your soulmate. Spoiler Alert: We have some special cameos from the original show in season 1.

While the fans of How I Met Your Mother might not be happy with the ending of the show, a set of fans always rooted for Ted and Robin to be together, at least till they were introduced to Mother (Tracy)'s character. Whatever be the show's ending, throughout its run, we saw Ted, a hopelessly romantic character looking for the soulmate, giving each one unrealistic hopes of having 'THE ONE' in their life. Well, his character and the soulmate search are again debatable; we now have a spin-off of the iconic rom-com show - How I Met Your Father. Another tale of finding 'The One.'

HIMYF is an American sitcom created by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, the show premiered on Hulu in January and is now streaming on Disney + Hotstar in India. Starring Hilary Duff, Christopher Lowell, Francia Raisa, Suraj Sharma, Tom Ainsley, Tien Tran, as the group of friends in New York City's Manhattan with Sex and the City fame, Kim Cattrall, narrating the tale to her son as future Sophie.

While How I Met Your Father attempts too hard to play on the nostalgia of How I Met Your Mother, somehow I feel it reaches just halfway there. They could have added more instances derived from the OG show to make it a spin-off.

Having said that, the show is written with more depth to characters and inclusivity. It focuses on modern-day issues and lifestyle to make it relatable for everyone. The group has a British Aristocrat, who abandons his inheritance to follow his love interest and tries to make it in the foreign city, an Indian who, thankfully, is not stereotypically depicted and joked about, a queer who is looking for a partner, and trying to rekindle the relationship with her long-lost brother, a heart-broken boyfriend, and a hopelessly romantic protagonist.

Though superficially, it has also touched upon subjects like long-distance relationships, casual workplace harassment, homesickness, normalized jobs like a street photographer, bar owner, musician, and more.

The story might not be that strong, or you might not find different plotlines from the original show, but the character arches are way too mature. For instance, the ex here is not a villain like in any other sitcom, the two strangers, how different they might be in their personalities, are each other's confidants, and most importantly, the characters understand the rules of dating and the complexities involved in relationships.

Without giving away way too much about the show, I would recommend that the show has the potential to grow a fan base like HIMYM in the coming years.

But the show should be given credit for the cameos of HIMYM characters, especially Robin, yes, the successful news anchor Robin Scherbatsky, who sits at the booth at McLaren's and talks sense in Sophie with her life examples, giving us a better understanding of characters of HIMYM and HIMYF, she was a perfect blend between the two shows.

I am looking forward to how the stories of each of these characters will unfold in the next season. Meanwhile, in the comment section, tell me how many How I Met Your Mother references you spotted in How I Met Your Father Season 1.

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