5 reasons to be excited for Broken But Beautiful Season 2 starring Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi

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Broken But Beautiful Season 2

Broken But Beautiful Season 2 starring Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi premieres on 27th November and here's why we're looking forward to it.

Love, romance, casual dating, heartbreak, relationships, mistakes, flings - all of these sound complicated but these somehow make every love story all the more interesting, don't they? These elements certainly add a special twist on on-screen love stories. One such story that made our heartbeats flutter and also made us feel the pain of heartbreak was Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi starrer web series by AltBalaji and Zee5 - Broken But Beautiful. The concept for the show was suggested by Ekta Kapoor. The team, the original lead pair and the new additions to the show are all set to take all the feels, emotions and excitement a few notches higher with Broken But Beautiful Season 2.

Only a couple of weeks after launching the trailer and original music of Broken But Beautiful Season 2, the makers are all set for the show's premiere. Team Social Ketchup got a preview of the first four episodes from the show and here are 5 reasons why we are excited to watch how the second season of Veer and Sameera's story unfolds and you should be too.

 1. The BIG change

Yes, it had to be written in capital letters because it is just that interesting to see both the characters in such a new light. In the first season, both Veer and Sameera make each other see things about themselves that no one else could. This season shows us just how those realizations and experiences change the outlook of their characters towards love, commitment, and life. Ready to be surprised, folks!

2. The Original Music

Broken But Beautiful Season 2 undoubtedly amazing tracks weaved into the story making it all the more engaging. The makers have already released some of the songs, so you already know what you're in for! (Yes, they've already made it to the top of my playlist as well.)

3. The girl gang is back in action

To be honest, Porno, Agni, and Sam aren't just a gang, they're a sisterhood of hilarious, sweet and crazy souls. Their on-screen friendship in this season as well will remind you of your real-life girlfriends and all the shenanigans you do together.

4. New additions to the cast

Making Veer and Sameera's story two parts interesting and three parts complicated are their other romantic interests and two main additions to the show - Anuja Boma Joshi and Gaurav Arora. Anuja plays the character of Debby - an assertive, charming and chill woman who does exactly what her heart says, someone, most of us will relate with.

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Gaurav aka Ahan aka Mushroom, on the other hand, plays Sameera's boyfriend who unlike her ex (Kartik) is all heart for her. He is fun, funny, dreamy, handsome and romantic all rolled into one. He definitely checks all the boxes to become the internet's new boyfriend. (Yes, we're crushing on him and you will too.)

5. Veer and Sameera's heart-melting chemistry

Yes, this. Of course, this. Their "Will they? Won't they?" in the last season left us with quite the cliffhanger, didn't it? They first met when they were broken and hurting but what will happen when they meet again and are happy... but with someone else. Or are they? That's something even we can't wait to find out. But however their story ends this time around, there are going to be major sparks flying between the two throughout! So, get ready for those fluttering heartbeats.

Broken But Beautiful Season 2 premieres on 27th November on Altbalaji and Zee5.

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