Who'd work at the 99th precinct if Brooklyn Nine-Nine was made in India?

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If you love Brooklyn Nine-Nine then take a look at who could have played our favourite characters from the show if it was made in India.

With each season the 99th precinct of the NYPD has only become our happy place. Captain Holt and his crazy, mad and lovably funny team have been able to make us all fall in love with them. We all love how this amazing team manages to nab criminals and solve crimes while making us laugh and smile. As we can't get enough of it (the title of your sex-tape) we can't help but wonder what it will be like if the show was made in India. Although we would not think the vibe of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and its characters can be recreated and we definitely do not want a half-baked Indian version of another International show, quarantine just made us think things. So, we made a list of actors who could replace the original Brooklyn99 characters in its desi version!

Take a look:

Captain Holt - Pankaj Tripathi

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (1)

Jake Peralta - Vikrant Massey

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Rosa Diaz - Radhika Apte

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2)

Amy Santiago - Shweta Tripathi Sharma

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (3)

Charles Boyle - Jitendra Joshi


Terry Jeffords - Suniel Shetty

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (5)

Gina Linetti - Kalki Koechlin


Norm Scully - Boman Irani


Hitchcock - Satish Shah


Doug Judy - Johnny Lever


Adrian Pimento - Neeraj Madhav


Roger Peralta - K K Raina


Who do you think will fit perfectly for your favourite character? Tell us in the comments below.

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