India is a progressive country, more so than ever currently. With the annulment of Article 377, things are only looking up. Or are they?

7 of Bollywood’s flourishing directors met PM Narendra Modi recently to discuss the issues that the Indian Film Industry is facing as a group. The list included prominent faces of Bollywood such as Raju Hirani, Aamir Khan, Zoya Akh – oh wait, Zoya Akhtar wasn’t a part of this panel. Not just her, none of the iconic women of the fraternity were! Because apparently, the men are enough to represent the entire industry.

The meet was predominantly about increasing the number of theaters in India which is obviously something women know nothing about, duh! Twitter exploded with comments about feminism and unequal representation, especially in this era where it’s all about women empowerment.

Take a look:

1. Nope. Didn’t notice it at all.

2. Tell me about it girl.

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3. So you’re telling me that it wouldn’t have become an issue if it were an all women panel?

4. Another very valid argument.

5. Conspiracy? Missed the eye? We’ll never know.

6. There wouldn’t be cliched feminist stances if everyone just understood the meaning of the term.

It’s saddening to see something like this happen when Bollywood is finally producing good female-driven movies like Raazi. Maybe the next time there’s such a meeting, our directors PM could discuss the issue Equal Representation and what it means. Or would that be too much to ask for?