K-Pop sensation BTS prepares for another milestone moment in their lives by confirming their mandatory military service!

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Earlier this week, Bighit Music finally released a statement on the much-awaited news about BTS’s enlistment in the Korean army, and here’s everything you need to know about it!

The debate over whether BTS should serve in the military or not has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. Everyone from the Korean government to people from around the world has had their own opinions about it. Some wanted them to get an exemption due to their extraordinary contribution to the field of art, and some wanted them to serve in the military to set the right example. If you know BTS through and through, you know which side they’d pick. This day was expected to come and as their army, we're nothing but proud of them. Their military service starts with the eldest member of the group, Jin who will enlist himself after releasing his solo at the end of this month, and the rest of the members too will serve in the military according to their personal schedules. They look forward to reconvening back as a group in 2025. BTS is happy to serve in the Korean military alongside their fellow countrymen. This not only sets the right example for future generations to come but also eliminates any kind of assumptions about biases towards the group from the government. BTS themselves in fact withdrew their Military postponement to respect the needs of their country like any other Korean would and as Jin said in the past when duty calls they'll be there.

For those of you who are not well-versed in what’s happening, here’s why BTS has to mandatorily serve in the military. Conscription has existed in South Korea since 1957 where Korean male citizens between the ages of 18 to 28 have to compulsorily join the military as they are still at war with North Korea. K-Pop idols, athletes, actors and other celebrities who have given exemplary contributions in their field can maximum postpone their enlistment to the age of 30 and the enlistment lasts up to 18 to 21 months. 

While BTS focuses on their solo projects and serves in the military for the next three years, an entire fandom too will survive the test of time. The bond that BTS has with their fans is like no other. Army's from every corner of the world have the utmost trust in them and would wait patiently as long as they have to. In the next 3 years, both BTS and their fans will grow together, do what they’re needed to, focus on themselves, and finally reunite in 2025, stronger than ever! That would be one epic comeback all of us will be waiting for eagerly. Like BTS’s official statement about their military service said “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) is more than a track from their latest album, it is a promise there’s much more yet to come in the years ahead from BTS”. It truly is a promise that the army's and BTS made to each other to stay in this together for life. 

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2025 will be here before we know it and nevertheless, we'd support all of their solo albums coming our way in the next few months!

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