To Park Jimin, the kindest soul ever!

Aishwarya Srinivasan
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Park Jimin

Today, the BTS army celebrates Park Jimin, our biggest well-wisher and someone who always keeps us in his thoughts!

Dear Park Jimin,

One of the major reasons why I stan BTS is because I love how you guys have created a safe space for your fans. It truly is a Magic Shop like we call it and you’ve been at the Magic Shop more times than once to comfort us with your kind words. You’ve held my hand through the toughest of days and I found solace when I saw a video of you telling an army “Don’t cry, smile, we love you”. That video is one of my favorite things to ever exist and your smile on top of that melts my heart. You bowed down to us when Butter was number 1 on the Billboard charts, you thanked our parents for bringing us into this world. I mean how could we not fall in love with you?

You somehow always know when I’m missing you and come live on Weverse. Even after having a hectic schedule, you promised to come to see us every week and you did! You’ve spoilt us and how! You are one of the best dancers this world has ever seen. You have such a good stage presence and your performance always leaves us mesmerized. I can never take my eyes off you when you perform Black Swan. You’re as smooth as Butter for sure. Filter has to be my favorite song of yours. “I can be your Genie, how about Aladdin?” It’s clear that you flirt through your lyrics and I blush every single time. And as if that wasn’t enough, you went ahead and made a song like With You. “Just take it all. I'm nothing without your love. I promise I'll never leave your love. My heart is beating 'cause of you”. Best believe that I cried after listening to this. This song truly felt like a tight hug from you. 

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I’ve seen you wipe tears off of your fellow member’s faces and cheered them up, but I’ve also seen you cry because you felt you weren’t up to the mark. Jimin, let me tell you that you’ll never not be perfect. You’re too good to be true. The way you wish the best for everyone, and the way you always spread laughter and positivity gives so many of us hope to keep going. Let’s promise to always be each other’s light, okay? I hope you always be happy and may your songs always feel like that warm comfort blanket that all of us need.

Happiest Birthday Jimin, we're so glad to have known you in this lifetime! We're waiting with bated breath to see y'all at the Busan concert!

Lots of Love,

Army Forever. Bangtan Forever.

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