The seven members of the supergroup BTS announce their break as a group to take time out and focus on their solo careers.

Ever since their debut in 2013, BTS has been working non-stop for a decade. In these 10 years, the K-POP group has built a relationship with its fans like no other. From fan meets, to concerts, to multiple varieties of shows like Run BTS, BTS in the Soop, Bon Voyage, and of course their phenomenal discography over the years, which has created a safe space and an escape from reality for millions of BTS armies around the world. What started as a small Korean Pop group turned out to become a global takeover in no time, be it giving a speech at the United Nations, becoming the first K-POP group to be nominated for a Grammy, or meeting US President Biden at the White House. The seven members have achieved more in their twenties than most other artists do throughout their careers.

On June 10, BTS released its new album ‘Proof’ which is an anthology album that describes their history so far and the end of their Chapter 1. The month of June is also known for the annual FESTA celebrations where BTS and armies, together celebrate their anniversary on June 13 and it also consists of various other content throughout the month. But this year, the FESTA celebrations took a major turn when during the FESTA dinner, which was uploaded on their YouTube Channel, BTS opened up about taking a break for themselves. What initially came as a shock for everyone, quickly turned into armies realizing how necessary it was for them to take this break. We often tend to forget that our idols are humans too and like us even they need a breather once in a while to come back stronger. As rightfully pointed out by the leader of the group, RM, “The problem with K-POP and the whole idol system is that they don’t give you time to mature.” BTS will take this time to do things they haven’t had the time to do over the years, explore their potential, and also release their solo albums starting with J-Hope.

BTS has kept their fans before their own personal wishes for the past 10 years but now it’s high time the table was turned and we did the same for them. The group promised their fans that this news is nowhere related to them disbanding and just a mental rejuvenation to come back with even better music to contribute to the world. The silver lining here for armies would be to get to see them showcase their talent in seven individual albums and it also buys us time to catch up on the whole ocean of content that they’ve left behind by the time they decide to come back. BTS has always stuck to their words and never been one to break promises, and as their new track says “You and I, Best Moment is Yet to Come.” The most beautiful moment is yet to come indeed and we cannot wait to see what Chapter 2 of BTS holds for us in the future. Till then we’ll be their shining purple lights waiting for them at the Magic Shop!

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