BTS’ Yet To Come in Cinemas is the biggest 'Proof' that BTS and armys are in this Bangtan Seonyeondan journey for life!

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Yet To Come

Yet To Come in Cinemas felt like a festival full of positivity, happiness and made you experience the magic of BTS concerts!

Last year in June when BTS announced that they would be focusing on their solo albums until all of them finish their mandatory military services and re-unite as a group in 2025, it was a tough thing for armys to accept this given that everyone was expecting a grand world tour with the Proof album and were looking forward to spending time with them like we always do. But the news of their break came as a shock to the entire world. But still, little did we know back then that BTS would be more active than ever on their ‘break’ or ‘Chapter 2’ like we call it. While we’re happy that they’re getting much deserved rest and rejuvenation after working constantly for 10 years, some of the members have also released some really amazing music during this time. Starting with J-hope’s Jack in the Box album that had us grooving on ‘More’ or Jin’s ‘The Astronaut’ that completely had us in tears or RM’s Indigo album that’s as meaningful as it can get. While we enjoyed all of this and more, we’ve often missed seeing the 7 of them together so when it was announced that their Yet To Come concert which happened in Busan back in October 2022 is going to be shown in theatres worldwide, it was the best reason to gather again as a fandom and experience the magic of their concert on the big screen.

When I first saw the poster, there was an instant excitement in my heart because I knew how much fun it would be to watch it along with my army friends. I had gone for the Permission To Dance on Stage Seoul’s live theatre screening last year so I knew how wholesome it felt to watch BTS along with a house full of armys and I was really looking forward to experiencing that again. As expected, when we entered the theatre, we could easily spot armys everywhere. It’s like spotting one from your own clan even though y’all are complete strangers. Contrary to what most people think of us, we’re a fandom that has kindness as one of our main pillars and as expected there were armys who had prepared freebies and gifts for everyone who had come to attend. That in itself warmed my heart so much and made me feel proud of being a part of a community that only spreads love by keeping BTS in their hearts.

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When the movie started, everyone started cheering, the anticipation of seeing them spread in the air and then entered the 7 rockstars with ‘Mic Drop' as their first song. The energy in the theatre was so high, with the fanchants and the army bomb lighting up the room, it actually felt like we were at a real concert. Then came ‘RUN BTS’, a masterpiece from the lyrics to the choreography is something that we’ll never get tired of watching over and over again. The vocal line came in with Zero O’Clock and Butterfly which just hits different after all those announcements. The vocal line then passed the baton to the Rap line. The vibe suddenly changed from super emotional to almost breaking our seats from shaking our heads to the beats of Cypher and UGH. 

The second segment of the show consisted of their most popular hits like Butter, Dynamite and Boy with Luv. This was soon followed with Dope, Fire and Idol which were such absolute bangers to watch with full volume and the entire theatre jumping and doing the exact same steps as them. There was a point in the concert when J-hope said ‘everyone make hearts with your hands’ and when I turned back to see if everyone’s doing it, I saw an ocean full of hearts which honestly is a rare sight inside the cinemas. The third phase of the concert was when everyone’s faces had tears strolling down and we started to miss them immensely. When Jin sang ‘Pass the end of winter's cold, until the spring day comes again, until the flowers bloom again, Please stay, please stay there a little longer’ in Spring Day, I couldn’t help but wonder how he is doing in the military. Is he eating well? Is it too tough for him? I hope the rest of them go and come back safely too. And of course it made me want to directly skip to 2025 to the day we finally see them right in front of us. But like the last two songs of the show, they promised they’d be our ‘best friends for the rest of our lives’ and the best moment for BTS and armys is ‘Yet To Come’.

Overall, Yet To Come in cinemas was a bittersweet love letter to armys from all around the world but also a warm hug from them to reassure us that they’re always gonna be around in one form or the other. Be it a new song, a new variety show or a 4 hour live session that feels like a sleepover. In the ending speeches they asked us to trust them and tell us that we’re gonna grow old together, and that’s exactly what I am going to do. I am going to trust their process and wait for them to come back stronger than ever. This concert has definitely ignited hope in so many armys who haven’t even attended a single BTS concert yet that if the energy was so high just in a theatre, it’s safe to say that you can multiply that into 100 times when you go for the real deal and I’m gonna work towards ticking that off my bucket list in this lifetime. Most of the armys and myself, we went to watch the show twice just to stay in the BTS world for as long as we can. Soak in all the happy memories and make new armys friends. 

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