Revisiting the Bollywood villain Bulla and his unforgettable dialogues

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Take a look as we revisit all the creepy and weird dialogues by Gulla, the Bollywood villain of the 90s.

There are villains who scare you and then there are villains who creep you out. One of such creepy villains is Bulla from Gunda. He has got every quality of every 80s villain. Black kurta, tikka, golden chain and CREEPY dialogues. We might not remember the movie he played a villain but we surely remember his double meaning dialogues.

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Mukesh Rishi who played this iconic character has been part of a number of Bollywood and other language films for a long time now. He has played many notable negative characters in his film career. He became the villain who could stand against major heroes of the time. Apart from playing the baddie, he has also played a notable positive character in Sarfarosh starring Aamir Khan.

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Mukesh Rishi was a model in New Zealand who returned to India to try his luck in acting. He has played many negative roles and was also famously known as Ranga Rao at a point of his career. Mukesh has also been part of Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali films. Although he has gained his share of popularity with Bulla, Mukesh was really ashamed of his dialogues and questioned his decision to play the character.

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Here's some of the creepiest dialogues by Bulla:

"Mera Naam Hai Bulla, Rakhta Hoon Khulla"

"Hum janwaron ka nahin ... insaanon ka shikaar karte hai"

"Tere andhar aag bhar degi yeh goli ... phir tu phaad dega uski choli"

"Pehle tere maathe par hai maut ka sehra sajne waala ... phir meri gundagardi ka hai dunka bajne waala"

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