Baba tea stall in Agra decided to add butter to chai and left the internet bamboozled. Check out how people reacted after a video of butter chai went viral.

Sure, we Indians love makan and butter is our dish. There is no limit to how much butter one can have in a dish. But this want is restricted to certain dishes. There are some things that one can never experiment with. Chai is one of those sacred things that no one should ever mess with. But a video of butter chai has left the internet cringing in agony.

For a population that considers Chai tea latte a sin, this video of a vendor adding butter, lots of butter, in chai has left them appreciating it. In the world of coffee drinkers, Chai lovers have an unsaid cult that admires and worships this divine concoction. Watching someone mess with it only leaves us questioning the internet. The Instagram account FOODIEAGRA (@foodieagraaaaa) a food blogging page shared the video that has gone viral since.

Baba tea stall in Agra somehow decided that it was a great idea to add dollops of butter into chai and also make a video about it. No matter what the intention was, the people who watched it have collectively reacted ‘why?’ and ‘no’. If you haven’t watched the video, don’t, but if you do then be ready to be grossed out.

But before that check out these reactions:

Check out the video:

Now that you know this exists and you have questioned it, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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