5 'Catholic moms impressions' by Leons Thomas Joseph you're going to trip over!

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5 'Catholic moms impressions' by Leons Thomas Joseph you're going to trip over!

Watch these hilarious Catholic moms impressions by Leons Thomas Joseph rn because they're way too real!

During festivals, moms are the hardest to control. Be it during decorating, making sweets, or entertaining guests, our moms are the calmest and most collected. Even though they are screaming and yelling at us all the time, they just want us to make the most of the festival and hence the 'bomabom'. And if you live in a Catholic society, you already know how hectic it is during Christmas, especially with Catholic moms! Christmas is right around the corner and Mariah Carrey is defrosting to give us yet another magical holiday experience. With a dash of 'What men' and a hint of 'bomabom' this is how preparations go during Christmas in a catholic household.

What goes better with some gingerbread? Some ridiculously funny Catholic moms impressions. Leons Thomas Joseph is a creator on Instagram who does Catholic moms impressions like a pro. The impressions he does sounds exactly like that one aunty in your society who is always going crazy during any festival. He even does impressions of uncles and other Catholic teachers that are equally hilar. Amidst all the chaos during festivities, take a step back and watch Leons's hilarious impersonations that will make your Christmas merry!

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Check them out!

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