Friday Streaming - Christmas in Love forces the holiday spirit throughout the 1 hour and 24 minutes!

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Christmas in Love

Directed by Don McBrearty, Christmas in Love is rather formulaic and doesn't quite stand out in the holiday movie genre!

As much as I love a good Christmas rom-com, it's hard to watch one with no solid plot, little to no chemistry between the main leads, and no real conflict. Sure, Christmas movies aren't exactly known for their realistic setting, but the more aware we're becoming as a generation, the harder it gets to enjoy movies with no substance, holiday rom-com or not! And Christmas in Love falls in the same category.

Cast - Brooke D'Orsay plays Ellie Hartman, an HR for Carlingson Bakery and an aspiring crafter. Daniel Lissing plays Nick Carlingson, the newest owner of Carlingson and Ellie's love interest!

Storyline - Christmas in Love follows Ellie, an aspiring crafter with blow-dried hair and a smile plastered to her face, going about her daily December routine, dropping off massive-sized wreaths and kringles to people who matter even when she's tapped out with her full-time job, HR professional at Carlingson Bakery. Meanwhile, the CEO of Carlingson, Jack Carlingson is about to retire and his son, Nick is set to take over the empire. Wanting his son to embrace and understand the Carlingson spirit before he hands over the reins, Jack forces Nick to spend some time at White Deer, especially at the bakery. Nick is all about efficiency and numbers and wants to expand the business by replacing manpower with technology, something that changes overnight once he spends time undercover with Ellie and her family.

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What I liked - When you're an Indian, it's rare to come across non-toxic family dynamics, especially during the holidays. Ellie's parents push her to pursue her dreams, but there's no shame attached to not being too ambitious from the start which is so refreshing to watch. Nick and Ellie push each other outside of their own comfort zones to grow on a personal level which helps Nick see a different perspective and gives Ellie the courage to pursue what truly makes her happy. I'm a sucker for relationships where people help each other grow! Also, with the amount of time spent talking about kringles, I'm very curious to know what they taste like!

What I didn't quite like - The lead pair always has good hair even when they're baking! Nick lies about his identity throughout the film but Ellie and the entire town don't take more than two seconds to trust him again all because of a speech he makes! Is that how gullible they are? Are they even listening to their gut? Where is the conversation between Nick and Ellie where they talk about it? It's 2022! We need conversations to solve conflicts!

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