Based on a true story that was initially published in the Wall Street Journal, this group of friends in Tag on Netflix is clearly having more fun than you are while watching them.

While watching Tag on Netflix, I kept wondering if there’s something I’m not quite getting about this one! A ridiculously talented and popular cast, a fun group of friends, inside jokes, and adults playing a childhood game, what’s not to like? This movie sure has all the building blocks required for a comedy that also leaves you feeling warm but it just doesn’t stick!

Cast – Jeremy Renner plays Jerry Pierce, Ed Helms plays Hogan ‘Hoagie’ Malloy, Jake Johnson plays Randy ‘Chilli’ Cilliano, Jon Hamm takes on the role of Bob Callahan, and Lil Rel Howery plays Reggie! There’s little to no backstory given about any of these characters except the rivalry between the two of them over a woman.

Storyline – Tag follows 5 forty-somethings caught up in the same all-consuming game of ‘Tag’ that they’ve been playing for the last 30 years. Every year, this group indulges in a month-long game of Tag during May, no holds barred and as they say, this is the year when Jerry goes down! Hoagie takes up a job as a janitor at Callahan’s workplace simply so he can tag him and put his action into play while Callahan is being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. After being interrupted by this rather random game, the journalist decides to crash their hunt for Jerry, the only friend who hasn’t ever been tagged, to ‘get the whole story’. Hoagie and Callahan travel the country to tag Chilli and Reggie and all of them decide to crash Jerry’s wedding who has managed to be one step ahead of them for the last 30 years!

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Watch the trailer here!

What I liked – Borderline insensitive jokes kinda worked for Tag on Netflix! And mind you, these jokes are definitely not for the faint-hearted. I loved that the plot was so bizarre. Case in point – Crashing a friend’s wedding simply so they could tag him, faking a miscarriage because his friends were getting too close, and eavesdropping on your friend’s therapy session kinda unintentionally simply to say, “You’re it!”

What I didn’t quite like – The dialogues are far too repetitive. The cast can’t really get into the skin of these characters and they’re also heavily underutilized. Tag is trying to give you Dil Chahta Hai vibes but it struggles to be fun and relatable. This film could’ve done without the women because none of them are given a personality or any real role.