Diljit Dosanjh - the Punjabi munda who's rocking the whole world!

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Diljit Dosanjh

Diljit Dosanjh

On Diljit Dosanjh's birthday let's take a moment to celebrate him as a person and a celebrity!

Rocky Randhawa might be all the rage right now for being this person who wears his heart on his sleeve but if one has to find a real-life example of this much-beloved character, it would definitely be Diljit Dosanjh!  Because he is the poster image of staying true to your roots while conquering the world. His innocence honesty, and charm combined with his skills in acting and singing made him the star he is today. Whether he is sitting on the controversial couch of KWK or at a round table interview, his ability to be his unapologetic self and speak his mind made the world attracted to him.

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Here's us diving deep into what makes Dilljit Dosanjh who he is which in turn helps him win hearts everywhere he goes

His Punjabi songs 

His songs, despite being in Punjabi, have a way of connecting with you. The biggest example of this was seen in his Coachella performance where he sang and spoke in Punjabi yet the crowd was as excited as they are on during any other English performance. He can even make Sia sing in Punjabi! 

His brilliant acting skills

His film Amar Singh Chamkila is slated to release this year. But we have seen his memorable performances in the past with films like Udta Punjab, Jogi, Phillauri, and Good Newz. In Punjab, his most popular work in Jatt and Juliet proves that from comedy to serious roles, he can do anything! 

His acceptance of having no clue about things

Apart from singing and acting, his interviews, where he is the most honest always connect with people whether it's him admitting his fascination for wearing brands or his innocently shocking reactions to finding out something for the first like the concept of an 'intimacy coordinator'. This just makes him seem like a real person rather than a celebrity! 

His Instagram

His Instagram, apart from his work and collaborations, highlights his persona where he is seen dancing to songs while cooking at home, giving advice, sharing behind-the-scenes or anything from his life encapturing what he loves and his journey. It's almost like any of us sharing a piece of our lives on social media! 

He truly is a whole mood when he's his unabashed self! Maybe that is why he's celebrated not just as a celebrity but as a human being too. Here's wishing this powerhouse a Happy Birthday!

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