8 lessons we've learned from characters in 2023

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Characters in 2023

Fictional characters in 2023 taught us quite a bit and it’s never too late to start inculcating them, especially at the start of a new chapter in our lives!

Time and again fictional characters have taught us lessons that stayed with us for life. Be it Rancho's ‘All is Well’ in 3 Idiots or learning some self love from Poo in K3G. And sometimes the way these characters are built, their qualities are what make them so iconic in pop culture and so likable year after year. For instance, someone like Rocky Randhawa, a man rarely to be found in real life should not just be left behind in 2023. Instead we learn a thing or two from him and many other characters in 2023 and carry a part of them with us into the new year. After all, the content that we watch is a great way of visualizing what it would be like to take full control of our lives and live the way we really want to, no?

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Here’s what we’re taking from these characters!

Rocky Randhawa - Rocky aur Rani Kii Prem Kahani 

We have so much to learn from Rocky. He wears his heart on his sleeve which most of us need to honestly do. We need to emote, communicate and say what we feel. But above all, it’s his attitude to want to learn things, rise above who he is and what he has known around him all his life, and know what’s okay and what isn’t that takes a lot of courage. It's a great quality to take with ourselves in the new year!

Sukhee - Sukhee

Sukhee showed us that if you find the courage to free yourself from societal expectations and finally start living for yourself then there’s nothing more liberating than that. She taught us that finding your freedom can come at the cost of disappointing your family and that’s absolutely fine too!


Barbie taught us that it’s never too late to really get to know yourself. The world that you were born into and the things that you have seen since you were a child might not always be the same lens with which the rest of the world operates too and it’s okay if you want to question that and see what really works for you.

Kanika Kapoor - Thank You For Coming

Kanika was an absolute mess but at least by the end she accepted that and owned up to it. But above all, through her story, we were reminded of the importance of self pleasure and the fact that there should be no shame around discovering what we like!


At the end of Jawan, Azad breaks the fourth wall and asks us to do our own research and choose wisely when it comes to our government. So many of us really need to inculcate that before we need to vote again!

Prakash HandaMast Mein Rehne Ka 

Prakash taught us that there’s no age limit to having fun. She never cared about what other people would think of her if she used cuss words or drank her heart out. This whole idea about behaving a certain way after you become a senior citizen is super outdated and Prakash’s portrayal of it is a beautiful reminder of that.


Ranvijay had massive unresolved issues and he refused to accept them which was super regressive and problematic to watch. Learn from him and don't leave your childhood trauma unresolved! Please go for therapy if you need it!

Manoj Kumar12th Fail

Manoj Kumar’s perseverance and dedication to achieve his dreams, no matter what it takes is something we should all abide by as well. Your whole definition does not come from your marks, you are your dreams and what you’re willing to do to achieve them.

What is something that you learnt from characters in 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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