Thank You For Coming Review: This fun chick-flick mostly stumbles but entertains a bit

Karishma Jangid
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Thank You For Coming

It’s not every day that you see a theatre full of women of various ages to view a film about female orgasms. It’s a beautiful sight nevertheless, and I witnessed it today when I went to watch ‘Thank You For Coming,’ a sex comedy starring Bhumi Pednekar. In a country where sex is still taboo, this film opens up conversations about sex and orgasm in a fun way. Kanika Kapoor (Pednekar) is 30 and desperate to get an orgasm, she has never had one. She longs for pleasure and stability in life. So, she eventually decides to get married even though her heart isn’t following suit. On the night of her engagement, however, Kanika gets an orgasm. But who gave her this pleasure? She sets to find out. Helping her are her friends Neha (Shibani Bedi) and Pallavi (Dolly Singh).

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Perhaps the only strength of the film is Pednekar. She carries the film on her shoulders but struggles constantly. Bedi also shines, especially in her dead-pan-funny moments and serious moments. Kusha Kapila has done better previously, but in this film she purposely overacts. Sushant Divgikr gives a beautiful and jaw-dropping surprise. Shehnaaz Gill tries too hard. 

The script of the film is no better either. It tries to make good points, but it constantly meanders and lacks strength. Towards the climax, it tries to add up to something substantial and almost does it, but then it quickly concludes with a happy ending. The dialogues are the weakest part of the film perhaps. They seem forced right from the start. The dialogues are unnecessarily crass and rarely funny. The actors try hard, but the dialogues just don’t fit. The monologue in the end also lacks structure. 

Almost nothing in the film has a rock-solid foundation. For instance, we know nothing about the protagonist except that she is desperate and struggles with self-esteem. What does she do for a living? What does she like except men and partying? We also know nothing about any supporting characters except that they are related to Kanika. The only exceptions are Jeevan and Dr Bina. Nobody has any motive except to get Kanika laid. An awkward nerd here, a vamp there- the film uses stereotypical characters. To make up for the lack of everything else, the film is constantly screaming “sex” at you. It’s great that we are openly talking about sex, but constantly and forcefully talking only about sex makes the film exhausting after some time. 

It isn’t surprising- Rhea Kapoor’s brand of cinema has always been this- girls just wanna have fun while tackling taboo topics along the way. This brand talks about the problems of privileged women. Even in Thank You For Coming, a supposedly “coming of age” movie, the women are always moving around in high heels wearing perfect make-up. They look conventionally beautiful while calling a friend “mote (fat)”. These women also have been conditioned to believe that orgasm is the end goal of sex or even masturbation when it's actually not. Talk to any sex therapist and they will tell you that the goal is to have pleasure- with or without orgasms. There's nothing wrong with you if you can't orgasm! This, in fact, makes the movie counterproductive. But then again, this brand of feminism has never been correct, it just tries a little and is fun to watch. 

Thank You For Coming is similar. It isn’t there to enlighten you. It’s just a bit of fun!

Thank You For Coming is currently running in theatres.

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