An open letter to Pedro Pascal whose charm is just as infectious as his laugh!

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If there is one way to let the world know how much I admire Pedro Pascal then let me tell you - 'this is the way.' 

Every conversation where people discussed the actor they loved always ended with me being that person with actors I just liked and never cared enough about. It only changed when a certain Chilean-American actor walked into the screen. If you know me then you know who I am talking about. There’s only one person who manages to make me blush, and is also the reason for my increased screen time from watching all his fan edits on repeat. So today, on Pedro Pascal's birthday, I can only hope this letter sums up my love for him. 

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Dear Pedro,

Back in 2016 is when I decided to watch GOT out of peer pressure only to end up as a fan. While the protagonists made it to my ‘actors I like’ list, one actor in season four left tingles in me. Walking into the frame with your swirly yellow dress, and turning up the steam with your insane chemistry with every actor you shared the screen with, Oberyn Martell topped the list, leaving me fully shattered to watch his head get blown. I mean even you admire him for being, in your words, "the slut you wish you were". Little did I know it was the start of my obsession with you, the José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal which would only become stronger each year!

Oberyn was good but being surprised with the same face and mustache in Narcos added fuel to this liking. Javier Pena from Narcos has the right sexiness a character needs and more. He turned the tide for the fan in me, encouraging me to look at your IMDb and give all your work a watch. In my search, I wasn’t expecting to see you play the infamous Agent Whiskey in one of my favorite franchises - Kingsmen. The character’s mystery wasn’t enough, you decided to go all Southern cowboy and gave us one of the greatest lines ever delivered! ‘Hello, gorgeous. I'm Jack. What's your name? How would you like to ride home on a real cowboy?’ still gets me kicking my feet in the air while I giggle. One may think one thing that made these characters memorable was your iconic mustache, but you managed to stump that thought with The Mandalorian. You worked your magic without showing your face with a voice that can whisper sweet nothingness and we would never be bored. As it turns out it was also the character that rooted your ‘daddy’ personality as you went from adopting a child in space and one in an apocalyptical world. Playing Joel Miller, who has a personality that is polar opposite to your own, you were able to make us all feel safe and protected.

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It’s no secret that your family has been through struggle as immigrants. You always make sure to talk about your family to the highest degree. More than you sharing your family story, it also feels like a reminder to yourself to be grateful for all the love you receive. You talk about accepting shows like The Last Of Us because your nephews love them and taking them along with you on red carpets and shows is your way to be the best uncle to them, and honestly, that’s one of the many reasons I love you. Not to forget the ceaseless support you show to your sister Lux Pascal. You have always been an open supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community and brought light to the injustices done to them. Even when celebrities refrain from speaking openly about issues they believe in, you have always used your platform to spread the word. 

The internet has called you many names. You are Pedro, Papi Pedro, ‘The bigger Daddy’ but the one name I would always associate with you is ‘baby girl’. If there is one thing anyone who loves you can be sure about, it is that you will never defy the Babygirl allegation. The sheer joy of watching you be awkward with zero filters makes me love you even more. Not to forget your weird and quirky humor, and failing to control your wheezing laugh that makes a joke 10x funnier. I’ve accepted that watching your interviews and appearances on TV shows like Saturday Night Live might be the only way for me to know more about you. They have become the comfort place I can revisit for a sense of happiness on the lowest days. Also the joy of randomly quoting you in my everyday conversations. Watching you talk passionately about your work and being surprised by the appreciation coming your way will never astonish me.

As you continue to be part of bigger franchises and tell stories that matter, I hope to see you move up the award charts too! Oh and those accidental drunk speeches! Even though it may be a one in a million chance of meeting you in-person, know that you’ll always have a fan in India rooting for your success!

Happy Birthday, Pedro!!

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