9 R. Madhavan films that highlight his versatility as an actor!

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R. Madhavan

From his early success to his most recent films that garnered acclaim, here are 9 movies from his filmography that were absolute fan favourites!

Not often do we find an actor who can ace a lot genres in his career. R. Madhavan sure is one of those actors par excellence, who, throughout his filmography, has managed to stay relevant and create a lasting impact on his viewers. While he is popularly known for his role in Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, he continued to grow after that and gave us quite a few memorable performances that we've loved! He has an unwavering dedication towards his craft and has a remarkable ability to illustrate his characters which is clearly seen through his films. Whether it is playing a lover boy on-screen, a boy next door or literally a rocket scientist, he brings an unparalleled honesty to his roles that captivate the attention of his viewers!

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Let’s revisit some of his films that transport us to a world of emotions!

Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil Mein

Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein was Madhavan's debut Hindi film, and it made it clear that he was here to stay. We cannot talk about his filmography without mentioning this movie. His chocolate boy charm struck a chord in our hearts as we rooted for this character. The dialogues he delivered amidst the backdrop of some really classic songs that we listen to till date is what makes this film so special!

Rang De Basanti

In this film, Madhavan defines the 'small role huge impact' phrase. He plays an air force commander in the film who dies because of a fatal accident. We all shed tears every single time we watch this film simply because in that little screen time, he tugs at our hearts with the connection that he builds through his performance and the narrative.


Saala Khadoos

Madhavan plays the role of a boxing trainer seeking forgiveness by coaching a motivated and young female fighter. He knocks it out of the park in the thriller sequences with this one. The movie was originally a Tamil film with Madhavan repeating his part in both versions. 

3 idiots 

3 Idiots isn't just a movie; it's a cultural phenomenon that transformed beliefs of the Indian education system. This comedy-drama stars Madhavan as a college student on a meaningful journey of self-discovery with two friends. His character in this film is one for the books as comedy is not a genre that is easy to ace. 3 Idiots is still a treasured classic among audiences of all ages.


Vikram Vedha 

Madhavan portrays a tough officer who is in a 'catch me if you can, kind of situation with Vijay Sethupathi's character. As the line between good and evil grows blurry, the film delves into morality, justice, and the complexities of mankind. 


Tanu weds Manu

Madhavan portrays a heartwarming, oh-so-lonely, and intensely desi NRI, winning you over with his poised and well-mannered etiquettes.The film's feel-good tone is what makes it worth seeing repeatedly. Plus, who could ever skip a rom-com that features him and well, his looks?

tanu weds manu

The Railway Men

Madhavan impresses in 'The Railway Men' as he seamelessly gets into the character of Rati Pandey. He plays the general manager of Central Railways, who oversaw operations during the widely known 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy. The show and his performance in particular garnered a lot of praise critically and from his fans.


With Shaitaan, he delves into the horror-thriller genre for the first time. He takes the audience through a roller-coaster of a journey as his character has a certain mystery about him throughout the film. His portrayal is nothing short of impressive, and has a delicate balance between a shy like exterior and a hidden villain within. 

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect

'Rocketry: The Nambi Effect,' stands out as a special one because not only does he play the titular role but this film also marks his directorial debut. The film revolves around the the real-life story of Nambi Narayan, an aerospace engineer who was accused of treason while working at ISRO. The struggles and acheivement of his life were portrayed by Madhavan whilst seeming uncanny in terms of looks, command over the language and his posture. 

Happy birthday to the actor who constantly redfines himself!

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