5 times Ranveer Singh made 'being unconventional' cool!

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There are many lead actors in Bollywood but there can only be one Ranveer Singh, an absolute powerhouse of talent who constantly defies norms!

Tall, perpetually bulked up, does not call for too much attention, tries to look dapper in suits, and only chooses bankable films - this is what most producers expect from actors in the entertainment industry. But then came Ranveer Singh who broke this pattern which has existed in Bollywood since the dawn of time. He carries his own speaker so he can play his own background music at the red carpet, he dances his heart out like no one’s watching, he is a starry eyed kid who made it in Bollywood and is constantly awestruck when he meets his idols. He doesn’t care what trolls have to say about his fashion choices, he wears what he feels best in. He truly is a main character on and off screen and there’s just so much to take away from his attitude about life in general!

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With his confidence and panache, here’s how he makes being unconventional rather cool!  

He constantly challenges conventional concepts of ‘masculinity’ with his outfit choices

In a herd of actors who cannot go beyond black, white and muted tones, Ranveer plays with colors and carries them so well. It is not just the colors that he keeps switching, it is also his ensemble choices. From skirts to co-ord sets, he defies the rules of what a man is ‘expected’ to wear and what he’s not. Over the years, he has also normalized jewelry on men, and while the industry has always made his fashion a topic of discussion, he continues to be true to himself.

He's the 'bro' to most of his peers

In the world of showbiz, actors and actresses are constantly pitted against each other, and in the midst of that is Ranveer who has always been a cheerleader for his co-actors and peers. Some of his friends in the industry like Arjun Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, and even Ranbir Kapoor amongst many others, have only had nice things to say about him. His energy is infectious. When you see him hug his peers and encourage their projects, it feels genuine and from the heart. Even in his interviews and Koffee with Karan, where he was mostly paired with his peers, he always seems to have an honest conversation with them on the infamous Koffee couch. And because of this very trait, everyone really seems to really enjoy his company.


He's always vocal about his love for Deepika Padukone

Bollywood couples often want to keep their relationship private whether it's when they’re dating each other or even after they're married. While that’s rightfully their choice, Ranveer surely isn’t one who believes in doing that. He is head over heels for his wife and it's so endearing to see that. He will give her a flying kiss in the middle of his performance on stage, fifty percent of his acceptance speeches for awards include her, he flies to a certain destination just to spend time with her. He will perpetually comment the sweetest things on her Instagram pictures, and above all, he is her biggest fan even as an actor. 

He does not shy away from talking about things that are considered taboo

His recent ad with Johnny Sins was a big deal because it spoke about men’s sexual health. The ad is often shown on national television, and so far, an actor at the peak of his career has never endorsed a brand that helps with infertility in any way at all. And to share screen space with someone from the porn industry is also not something many except Ranveer would dare to do.

He has a good eye for picking roles

Just like his real life self, his characters also showcase various layers of masculinity. Be it a ‘macho’ guy on the outside but a softie on the inside like Rocky, an ambitious and hardworking guy like Muraad, his magnificent collaborations with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, or a Kabir who broke free from his familial expectations and followed his heart. All his characters are poles apart from each other. And this has been the case since the beginning of his career when he went from playing a wedding planner in Band Baaja Baarat to a con man in Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl. He constantly continues to experiment with his roles and we could never get tired of seeing him on-screen!

Happy Birthday to the one who is unabashedly himself and is the ultimate life of any party!

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