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Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen is one of those few who inspire you to do it all and do it with style! With Aarya and Taali, 2023 might be just her year and we are all thankful for it. 

It was said that actresses have an age limit in the industry and after you have crossed a certain age bracket, you aren't desirable anymore and hence cannot essay the lead roles! Thankfully that perspective has changed and it was Sushmita Sen, one of the first few 90s actresses, who made a comeback on OTT with a message that if 90s heroes at 50 are still heroes and experimenting with content then why should heroines be devoid of that opportunity?

With Aarya, she became a ghayal sherni, who can cause havoc in the lives of dangerous men when opens up her claws. If one has to describe the kind of inspirational personality that Sen is then Aarya's character comes the closest to it. The resilience and calm that Aarya has shows that her strength is similar to how Sen, with her powerful characters and respectful manner, shows the world what all a woman can do. And her complete transition in Taali became proof that she can do everything! 

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She came back and conquered the world of content after which we saw a string of 90s actresses taking charge of changing the narrative for themselves like Madhuri Dixit, Raveena Tandon, Kajol, and so many more. But it is not just her work as an actor but her personal life too where she has shown us that she is one woman who leads by example. As Miss Universe, she vouched for adoption and ended up keeping her promise by adopting both her daughters. To get back up immediately after a heart attack for Aarya's shoot, shows us what she's made of! 

From Chunnari Chunnari the hot teacher to being a transwoman and gangster mother, Sushmita Sen has done it all! And moreover, by just being herself everyday and sharing numerous motivational quotes, she inspires us to do it all as well! We can't wait for what else she's got in store for us!

Until then, here's wishing this rockstar a very happy birthday!

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