This new trend where women post their black and white pictures with #ChallengeAccepted and #womensupportingwomen is all over Instagram. Take a look at what it is about.

Instagram is flooded with black and white pictures of women along with the hashtag #ChallengeAccepted. This challenge is a campaign where women show their appreciation and support to other women.

What is the challenge?

It has become a huge hit on Instagram with women from all walks of life, famous or not, are participating in the challenge together. It is about talking about the importance of women inspiring their own kind and encouraging others to join in the same. The challenge aims at celebrating all women for their incredible and vibrant personalities.

After posting their own black and white picture, they then nominate others to become part of the chain by posting their picture and a message showing their support for sisterhood and friendships along with #womensupportingwomen.

How did it begin?

While the reason as to why the whole challenge began is still unknown, it is speculated that it may be after Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez addressed being called a “fucking bitch” by a male colleague in her electric speech on the House floor last week. The footage of the speech created a stir on the internet regarding women empowerment and feminism.

Update: These posts by Turkish Philanthropist, Zeycan Rochelle sheds light on why the black and white posts starting coming up and the horrifying reason that led to it.

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The reason for #challengeaccepted I’ve seen has become mistranslated & reduced to only #womenempoweringwomen . But the true reason behind this viral trend is for more than just vanity ✨ . Turkey, with its 6th most global users for Instagram, began the viral trend to bring light to Femicide and how common it is for us to see black & white photos of women murdered by the senseless arrogance & uncontrolled violence of men. . We are no strangers to waking up to a new black & white image, a new hashtag on Instagram & a solidarity of outcry of the nation banding together for the change we desperately hope to see. . This hashtag was therefore shared for women to empower women, to let each other know that our pain is the same & we are all hurting together, but MORE importantly that we know that we can be the next trending image & hashtag too, neither of us are exempt no matter how privileged we may believe we are‼️ . I think it’s beautiful how quickly this hashtag has become a global trend amongst women, it’s just important to know the truth behind it so we can use it for that much more power. ✨✨ . Violence against women anywhere is a tragedy. We have to be our biggest supporters leaving the hate aside. Being a woman as is, is tough enough❕ . #femicide #kadınaşiddetehayır #istanbulsözleşmesiyaşatır #feminism

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Faye D’souza also shared a post highlighting the reasons for the trend:


Women participation

Women around the world are joining and being part of the challenge with the idea of empowering each other. There is a lot that women face in their everyday life and despite all the struggles, they still manage to go on in life trying to fulfill their dreams and passion. There is nothing more empowering and encouraging that having their fellow female friends show their support. Women inspire each other and there is nothing better than them celebrating this sisterhood.

However, many are becoming part of the challenge as they are being tagged by their friends. It has also, somehow, diluted to becoming only about sharing a very good black and white selfie of themselves with no particular idea being focused on. So far, 3 million women have become part of the challenge.

Take a look at some of the #ChallengeAccepted post on Instagram:

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accepted 🙃 @ekalakhani 😘 #womensupportingwomen

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#challengeaccepted #womensupportingwomen This one goes out to all the mamas- that’s anyone who’s ever taken on something that’s bigger than they are and given more than they knew they had. There’s so much that we don’t talk about in life- anything that might let on how fragile, scared, imperfect we are. I’ve never felt this as much as when I had my kids. I wanted them so much, and I tried so hard to prepare myself, to read up and stay healthy and plan. Becoming a mother just blew me wide open. It was blindingly beautiful and joyful and consuming and exhausting. Breastfeeding was a microcosm of this for me: I wanted with all my heart to do it and thought I knew what I was getting into but then it was way more complicated and emotional and consuming that I was ready for. I had no frame of reference, and only a little coaching in the blurry, exhausted few days after I gave birth. I would have stayed lost without the emotional and physical support of a few superhuman momma friends, particularly @jessicabnyc and @lattarachel – their visits, knowledge, love & attention got us on the right track and gave me the strength and simple know-how to power on. The other thing I immediately think of when I see #womensupportingwomen is all the women out there who weren’t born with a textbook vulva- how critical it is for us to embrace and empower the feminine in every form and aspect. You don’t have to literally birth kids to be a mother. I see you.

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