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There have been a number of trends that are being followed by people on Instagram during this lockdown period. Take a look at some of the most famous quarantine trends on Instagram.

As our country also joined the race to stop the spread of COVID-19, it put the whole country under lockdown. But that's not just in India, most countries have initiated a lockdown to keep their citizens safe. However, people have found ways to make the most of their time indoors. Among the activities online there are the following trends that people followed to just kill time or succumbed to a few things because of boredom or FOMO. So, here are various quarantine trends that surfaced on Instagram during this period.

Take a look at these quarantine trends and tell us which ones you've tried:

1) Dalgona coffee

This whisked coffee trend that Indian's have been making for ages suddenly became a trend after everybody started posting pictures of their Dalgona coffees all over the internet. Since they have free time now everybody tried it and also, got it to #1 trending thing on social media. 

2) Tik-Tok

While most people swore that they would never use Tik-Tok, during the times of lockdown they gave in to it. People not only installed the app to entertain themselves but also got grooving to some really trendy songs. One of the TikTok challenges is the “Savage Challenge,” which uses Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” from her latest album “Suga.”

3)The Bingo challenge

As the teen and gen Z hit the rock bottom of being bored they kept going back to their childhood games. Something as simple as bingo but with a twist. A challenge of online bingo went viral based on different contexts, like College Bingo, School bingo, Drinking bingo, which had various things done in the specific categories. Then they nominated friends to do the same and the chain goes on like that. A good way to kill time while hitting the nostalgia and also getting in touch with people, right?

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Your turn. #theclubsrq #bingochallenge

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4) Cooking/Baking series

The teenagers and students living off of delivery services or fast food joints finally realized the importance of knowing how to cook when almost every food joint shut down due to the lockdown. It also created a sort of liking towards cooking and people eventually started enjoying it and doing a series, of sorts. Baking also is trending amongst people right now. It's better late than never.

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5) Zoom video calls

Video calls with people are currently equivalent to letters during world war. It's the only way you can see your friends or your loved ones if you're quarantined away from them. Video calling apps are making the most of the situation and Zoom got trending as it allows to add quite a lot of people to a call, making it easier for larger group calls.

6) Challenges

Alongside bingo, there are other challenges surfacing the internet right now. Especially because the Gen Z is quite capable of finding new things to kill time with and keep people engaged. These other challenges include :

Until tomorrow (you post an ugly picture of yourself until tomorrow and challenge other people to do so)

Digital Slambook (do we have to explain it)

Drawing a vegetable/fruit: People are using their creativity and skills to draw and then nominating others.

Empowering women: You post a picture of yourself with a positive quote and ask your friends to do the same. It was taken up by many by women on Instagram.

7) Quarantine memes

As basic as it may sound, it's the best thing that has happened to mankind. Memes are therapeutic in times like these. Funny how we manage to convert the serious situation into memes and have a good laugh while we survive the lockdown.

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tag your friends who you miss ?

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And of course, not to forget the Sunday challenges by our own Prime Minister. It's like real life big boss, where contestants wait for the "weekend ka vaar" because quite literally the things requested by the government get out hand :p

But for all it's worth, we're all in this together. We'll get through this together and while we do so let's enjoy these quarantine trends. And let's not hate on people for taking up these entertaining albeit silly challenges. It's their way of killing time, you can also find yours and share them with the world.

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