Take a look at these reel-life characters of Content Creators who we wish were our best friends!

Best friends are the family that we get to choose. There is nothing more amazing than to find someone who is equally or somewhat crazy like ourselves. While there is no doubt that we all love our friends dearly, we can also agree that there have been reel-life characters of Content Creators that we wish we were friends with. Content Creators and Influencers are doing their best to entertain their audiences in innovative ways. Some even plan out on funny sketches while talking about topics we can all relate to. What makes these sketches interesting are the various characters that appear on them.

Digital space is unique because it lets the creators do everything they wish for, and playing multiple characters is just one of them. We have made a list of such characters that we would love to have as our best friends. Their friendship will bring a bunch of exciting events, for sure!

Check out these reel-life characters of Content Creators we would love to be friends with:

Bhuvan Bam: Banchoddas Chhatriwala (Bancho)

He is fun, entertaining and bit of a Ladies Man. He may cry over girls, but is also the reason for the booze party. Bancho can turn any party into more fun with his ‘energetic and always-on-the-toes’ personality.

Kusha Kapila: Nayna

The sophisticated, classy and Sarojini Nagar virgin, Nayna is everything that you need from a friend from the other side of the town (the south Delhi side). She may constantly judge your fashion sense but will keep you updated with the latest one as well.

Dolly Singh: Shree

We all need a Shree in our lives to shed light and truth bombs and keep us on track. She is just a modern version of our mothers. We may not listen to our moms sometimes but will definitely listen to her.

Parjakta Kholi: Montu

He is an altar-ego of all our brothers, but he is also more fun. His ideas are always extraordinary and make you think out of the box as well.

JordIndian: Raju

The man who knows everything, but also so little. He is the one our parents will be happy to have at home. Our parents will also trust us with his company, but all his crazy side will only be known to us. Raju is the Chameleon who will let us have those late-night parties.

Ashish Chanchlani: Papa

He may appear as strict but is actually the ‘cool-dad’. He is the one who will try hard to be friends with us.

Lilly Singh: Manjeet Singh

The fun dad who is always showing off his cool side. Manjeet may be a bit older to be our friend, but he definitely makes the cut. He cracks dad jokes, is energetic and will get any party going with his bhangra performance.

Danish Sait: Ramamurthy

He is the one who has knowledge of everything that is happening around. He is the person we can all go to when in trouble.

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Conversations at Johnson Market during Bakrid 🐐

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Prapti Elizabeth: Mrinalini

The traditional girl with modern ideology, she will bring with her a bunch of questions we always wanted to ask the aunties. She will introduce us with all the south Indian cuisine and also make us fall in love with Parotha and Beep** (the thing that shall not be named)

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Trigger Warning: Violence/Rape Threat If only we were as offended by rape jokes as we are when somebody utters 'rape culture'. There are many ways to react to things one dislikes, why then do women get rape threats? To instill the fear of being physically, brutally violated, of taking away the power and control over her body. @jaatprincess said this to me and it will stay with me forever: Crimes usually have a motive. Be it theft, blackmail, murder–they all have reasons behind them. Motive behind rape is to teach a lesson. It is stripping somebody of the control of their body. How is something so traumatic funny? Stop normalising rape culture. It exists in the nuances of our everyday life. Google shit up, learn and unlearn patterns, be sensitive, speak up. It's such a long way to go, we have to start somewhere, no? Wearing some artsy crafty love, a modal silk sari from @indicult_ #JustBuyOne no? . Also, a big thanks to @ashfaqahmad_ for all the help 🥺🥺🥺 . #rapeculture #sexism #rapethreat #violence #think #sari #sarilove #traditional #artisansofindia #art

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Ankush Bahuguna: Pankazz

He may not be the brightest of all, but he is certainly the one with the most confidence and zero Fs. He has the innocence of a baby and fierceness of a Mumbaikar trying to catch a local train. We all need a Pankazz in our circle.

Shibani Bedi: Prabha Didi

She is outspoken and fearless. A master of words, she can easily win a fight verbally without touching a single person and is entertaining AF.

Saloni Gaur: Nazma Aapi

With her by your side, one will never have a dull day. She will keep you entertained with her take on current events, drop truth bombs, and also make you laugh till your stomach aches.

Which character would you want to be BFFs with?


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