Two Police Personnels and a DD cameraman killed by Naxalites in Chattisgarh

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Chattisgarh naxalites attack

Doordarshan cameraman and two police personnels were killed by Naxalites in Dantewada’s Aranpur area in Chattisgarh, ahead of the assembly elections, according to reports.

Doordarshan had instructed (cameraman) Achyuta Nanda Sahu, Dheeraj Kumar and MM Sharma to cover Chattisgarh polls. The incident occurred after the crew left post interviewing SP Abhishek Pallav and were moving towards Nilbhaya on Aranpur-Dantewada road. Besides Sub-Inspector Rudra Pratap & Assistant Constable Mangalu being killed, two other policemen were injured in the attack.

It’s not certain if the attacks were linked to the upcoming polls. Investigations to conclude further are ongoing and the bodies have been sent to Dantewada District Hospital for post-mortem.

For the unacquainted, Naxalites are a part of the Communist Party of India; its origin dates back to 1967, the purpose of initiation being redistribution of land to the landless and elimination of social classes. In around 1971, the Naxalites gained a strong presence. The same year, under the President’s rule, Indian Army was mobilized against Naxalites and executed “Operation Steeplechase” killing hundreds and imprisoning more than 20,000 suspects.

The Naxalite-Government conflicts have not ended since. On April 6, 2010, Naxalites launched their most deadly attack in Dantewada, Chattisgarh leading to 76 security personnel losing their lives.

Several similar incidents have occurred in recent decades, the killing of Doordarshan camera person and policemen being the most recent one.

Twitter users have shared condolences, support for the families of the deceased and their opinions.

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The issue may or may not be linked to the upcoming assembly elections, but the feud definitely dates back to the Naxalites being suppressed by socioeconomic order, leading them to use depraved methods to achieve their motive.

The innocent citizens seem to be the losers, in the fight that Government and Naxalites have picked.

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