The world remembers one of the greatest revolutionaries and communist leaders, Comrade Che Guevara on his 52nd death anniversary. 

The world needs change and to bring this change, it needs a revolution. It is with the efforts of many radical and reformist leaders that we as people and as a world could enjoy and experience the rights and facilities offered to us today. Revolution never happened overnight, it took the blood and sweat of many leaders and personalities to realize the needs that the people have been deprived of. It took a lot of struggle for equality to come to life. One such great communist and revolutionary who contributed to the cause was Comrade Ernesto Che Guevara.

A man who spoke for the poor, Che Guevara always had his heart for their struggles in life and the opportunities and benefits that they were denied of. His travel around the world helped him have a broader perspective at the misfortune of the people belonging to the lower or the poor class.

He introduced communism and its true meaning to the world. Che Guevara pioneered land reforms in many regions allowing people to grow crops in the surrounding areas and reducing the monopoly of land that some enjoyed. He was also the reason behind many savouring and enjoying their right to literacy. He believed that education is the key for the world to develop gloriously. Che once said, “The first duty of a revolutionary is to be educated.

He was inspired by another great revolutionary Fidel Castro and was part of his 26J movement. Although he was only part of the movement as a medical professional, Castro’s work inspired him to become an armed combatant. It was during one of his mission to arouse an uprising in Bolivia that he was killed by the Bolivian army.

People remembered Che Guevara on his memorial day:

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