Here's how you can prevent cyber-bullying in India

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Cyberbullying is a serious issue and here's how parents can prevent their young children from suffering from its adverse effects.

It's the age of the internet and the term, cyber-bullying is not alien to anyone. Although the word is pretty simple, the consequences and impacts of it are extremely serious. It can lead to humiliation, mental trauma, and acute distress over inappropriate comments, hateful messages and sharing of negative news.


But if you are worried that your child could fall in the trap of cyber-bullying in India, here are a few signs to watch out for -

1. Beware of their online activities

Teenagers and adolescent girls are more vulnerable to cyber-bullying so make sure you are watching out for your kid. Keep a track of the apps and digital devices your child is operating.

2. Watch out for warning signs

While it's completely normal for kids to stay updated on social media, parents should watch out for signs while their kids are active. Sudden increase or decrease in social media activity, deactivation or deleting of social media profiles, avoiding any discussions on their online activities or any unusual response when someone brings up the subject, are a few signs that you should watch out for.


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3. Take action

If you believe your child might be falling prey to cyber-bullying, it is important to take immediate action. Speak to your child calmly first regarding the matter. Ensure that a solution is possible and that you're 100% on their side. You can even register a complaint by emailing on if you're certain that your child is facing cyber-bullying issues.

There are plenty of rules in India that can help you against cyber-bullying. If you believe your child or anyone close to you is falling prey to such an incident, make sure you take the appropriate steps to get them help and also register a complaint with the authorities as soon as possible.

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