Riddhima Pandey Is One Of The Youngest Indian Activists Fighting Against Climate Change

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Riddhima Pandey

Riddhima Pandey represented India and is one of the 16 young activists who made the world leaders take notice of the grave threat posed by climate change at the United Nations Climate Action Summit.

Climate change is one major issue that the world needs to focus its attention on. Floods, drastic change in weather conditions and other serious issues are reminders that need to be fixed before time runs out. While most adults turn a blind eye, an Indian Student activist by the name of Riddhima Pandey is doing her bit in this war of saving the world.

Internet recently saw the young teen activist, Greta Thunberg deliver a speech at the United Nations Climate Action Summit addressing the issue of climate change. Her speech was directed at asking the world leaders to perform their duty of saving the environment and to take actions before it is too late.

Kids around the world have been part of this mass protest questioning the leaders for ignoring their part in building a better world for future generations. What was seen at the UNCAS was a follow-up of a global climate strike where people, including kids took the day off to protest against climate change. 11-year-old, Riddhima Pandey was one among the 16 activists who urged the world leaders to work towards improving the current climate scenario. India had its representation at the monumental event with Riddhima Pandey being one of the 16 young student activists from all over the world.

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As someone who raised her voice at the age of 9 against the Indian government after a deadly flood destroyed her hometown Haridwar, Riddhima has been part of this fight against climate change from the beginning. Her reason for filing the complaint back then was to ensure that a disaster like the 2013 floods didn't happen again as they caused huge destruction with many losing their homes and kids left orphaned.

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