Climate is changing, not for the better

Paawan Sunam
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Climate is changing, not for the better

The most recent reports on climate change by United Nations states that the world has gotten 1.5 degree celsius or (2.7 degree fahrenheit) warmer above pre-industrial levels and global greenhouse emissions.

This means that we have as less as 12 years to act on it because efforts trying to save the world would count if there would be a world left to save.

There’s no doubt that humans are the major factor influencing climate (change my mind). If you don’t believe this, 97% of climate scientists do (if, that changes your mind).

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The most significant fragment of the recorded history of humans which led to a drastic diversion in the course of climate change was the Industrial Revolution. While the revolution provided employment and products sustaining human life, it also tormented it.

United Nations climate change global warming paris agreement

Climate has changed drastically, since the inception of industries as it lead to abuse of resources, more pollution, and destruction of the ecosystem.

United Nations climate change global warming paris agreement

Human’s obstructive nature has defaced the factors affecting the climate like topography, altitude, temperature and more.

Burning fossil fuels and chopping down rainforests is fueling the fire that’s heating earth.

By 2030 we have to cut CO2 emissions by 45% and cut it off by 100%, and now we have to use technology to remove CO2 that is already there in the atmosphere.

Donald Trump called off United States’ participation from Paris Agreement; an accord formed to deal with climate change and greenhouse emissions because apparently, he doesn’t believe in man-made climate change. Don’t be like Trump.

Twitter has reacted, though Twitter reactions can only spread awareness not prevent global warming.

It’s every human’s moral duty to contribute towards the prevention of global warming. You can do so by spreading awareness, using renewable energy, use energy-efficient appliances, “eat” the food you buy and dispose of garbage, lessen your use of commodities that emit carbon.

What’s more important than your life? The world that gave you life or the world that keeps you alive?

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