Before it’s too late and you miss out on other pillow dress or get-your-biceps-working coffee challenge, we have made a list of videos that trended on TikTok this week.

We all have explored every corner of our house, thanks to the quarantine. Also thanks to the internet we know we are not alone and there are people who are going through the same phase as we are. Internet might be a place of fun but also is a place with weird trends and challenges happen. And no matter how much we hate it we can’t help but follow them during this period. I mean, we can secretly agree we have all I’m a savage, ha (clap)ed our way from one room to the kitchen. It is a fact that these trends and videos just stick with us and as there is nowhere to go we just scroll through them. Well, we have just made a list of all the videos and challenges that trended on TikTok this week that you probably have come across. If not then you can try it now.

Take a look at videos that made a trend on TikTok this week:

I’m a good boy/girl

Outfit inspiration

TikTok filter

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Family dance

dance with me