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Chesapeake Shores

After watching murder mysteries and thrillers, you keep waiting for something to go tragically wrong in Chesapeake Shores right from episode 1, but nothing ever does in this feel good drama series!

Inspite of being directed by 11 different people, Chesapeake Shores is spread across 5 very soothing seasons with talks of a 6th season on the charts this year. It's based on Sherryl Woods’s series of novels by the same name and has an extremely idyllic vibe! A small town near a water body, a big dysfunctional family navigating their way through past trauma and tragic relationships, a beautiful soundtrack and a gorgeous bunch of O'Briens make this series just so watchable!

Cast - Chesapeake Shores follows the lives of an Irish American family aka the O'Briens and gives us beautiful characters we've grown to love in the form of Abby O'Brien (Meghan Ory), Mick O'Brien (Treat Williams), Jess O'Brien (Laci J Mailey), Nell O'Brien (Diane Ladd), Megan O'Brien (Barbara Niven), Kevin O'Brien (Brendan Penny) and Connor O'Brien (Andrew Francis). The O'Brien siblings have a rather relatable bond and you might like watching this series with your sibling on days when you're lounging at home with no plans except takeout!

Storyline - Single mother and financial analyst, Abby O'Brien - Winters, the oldest of the O'Brien siblings, lives in New York and works in an investment firm on Wall Street. She finds herself back in her hometown under the ruse of an emergency created by Jess, her youngest sister and almost entrepreneur. Being back home, Abby finds herself being surrounded by memories from her past including an old flame, aka Trace Riley. It takes a medical emergency in the form of Grandma Nell being taken to the hospital, for all the O'Brien siblings to come together and live under one roof yet again. Chesapeake Shores follows the O'Briens coping and repairing the damage done by a broken home.

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What I liked - It's light-hearted while navigating through tough conversations between family! The ability of this show to work through everything, season after season, appeals to the child in me who believed that everything will work itself out! As feel-good and dreamy as Chesapeake Shores is, each of these characters are beautifully written, and so relatable because we get to witness their flawed and vulnerable bits too! I love the fractured family dynamics that this series covers; we have divorced parents with a perspective of their own on what went wrong, 5 children each of whom were impacted by their parent's divorce in a rather different manner and a loving grandmother who can't help but impart wisdom.

What I didn't quite like - It isn't a diverse TV series! We have an all white cast with flawless skin and one body type - thin!

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