8 videos by creators that make for the perfect Children's Day watch!

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Scrolling through these videos by creators is as easy as complaining about our adult lives to reminisce about the good old days.

There's not a day that goes by without each one of us thinking about all the amazing years we spent wanting to grow up only for our grown selves wishing we could be kids again. The years when all we had to worry about was reminding mom that we need card papers at 8 in the evening, our Math teacher taking up the free period, forgetting to wake up for our school trip, or our best friend skipping school without informing us. Today we have a bunch of stuff to worry about and such little time to live in contrary to us making the most of the 5 mins break in between lectures. But thanks to the internet, we always find a way to cherish and relive those days. A major part of this walk down memory lane happens because of our content creators and their funny re-enactment of our childhood. These childhood videos by creators are what everyone can relate to without bias and something we find ourselves sharing with our friends and family.

The creator sibling duo Vishnu and Govind Kaushal have shown how funny and creative they are with their series of ways 'that kid' behaved. Sukriti has also been able to give a glimpse of the kind of kids we knew in our school. While Arun Singh just made us relive some of the most embarrassing moments we had as kids, thanks to our families. And we have all met a kid like Khushaal Pawar's character who is always learning something and makes sure to boost about it.

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Check them out!

Happy Children's Day!

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